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The method of finding groundwater source by drilling wells

Views: 14     Author: pqwt     Publish Time: 2022-12-02      Origin: PQWT

How to find the law of groundwater to determine the mining method, the success rate of water search will be higher? In view of the difficulty of finding water in karst groundwater, without the support of special ground water detector apparatus, the mining should be carried out by conventional simple and practical technical measures according to the characteristics of karst groundwater. Then introduce how Ding found water according to the topographic features of the drilled well from the perspective of geology as follows.


First of all, when searching for groundwater, the water storage structure, aquifer and recharge area should be scientifically determined. Commonly used water search methods are divided into geological water search method, hydrogeological survey water search method, physical exploration water search method and comprehensive integrated technology water search method.

For large and medium-sized water-rich structure parts, the use of drilling and other engineering pumping, the formation of water storage structures; for small water-rich parts, the use of shallow wells, containment, blocking and other simple engineering to extract water.

At the same time, need to understand some simple water search common sense, which helps to determine the direction of water search, rather than blindly.

Find water according to the characteristics of the terrain.

1, "a small handful of land, looking for water advantageous".

A small amount of land surrounded by mountains on three sides, groundwater concentrated flow to a small mouth, so in a small mouth near the water well, more water.

2, "two mountains sandwiched between a ditch, ditch rock with the flow of water.

A ditch is sandwiched between two mountains, and it is easy to find water sources on the rock layers on both sides of the downstream river valley.

3、"Two ditches intersect and spring water flows".

Two ditches under the mountain pass intersect, there may be spring water flow, there are wells there, the water source is more reliable.

4, "mountain pass to mountain pass, the mouth has good water."

Two mountain passes opposite each other, close to each other, two mountain passes flat terrain, there is a well at the mouth of the lock, easy to fetch water.

5, "There are mountains between two mountains, often water does not dry."

If the rock layer below the lonely mountain, because of local lithological changes and become a barrier to water, it can block the flow of groundwater, and drilling wells in the upper reaches of the lonely mountain, you can get water.

6. "A mouthful of two ditches sandwiched by a spring below."

Both sides of the mountain are relatively long, there is a shorter mountain in the middle, in the mouth of the mountain, if there is a permeable layer at the top, below the impermeable layer, in the tendency of lower drilling wells, you can get good water.

7. "The mouth of the big mountain is low down, and the amount of water from the well-drilling spring is large."

The big mountain is connected very far to the dumping end, and groundwater can be found when there is an aquifer at the appropriate topography at its dumping end.

8, "mountain twist with water flow."

Due to the low mountain bay caused by the twisting of the mountain, the flow of groundwater down the mountain is blocked, and in the case of aquifer enrichment, there is water in the drilling well.

9. "Convex hills to concave hills, good water between concave hills".

The shape of one mountain is concave inward to outward, and the shape of another mountain is concave inward to inward. Convex and concave are directly opposite, and on the concave mountain the water is low very well, and more water is used for drilling wells.

10. "A large hill juts out a mast, and there is more water for drilling a well.

In the middle of a long hill there is a short protruding hill, in the direction of this hill mast inclined low drilling wells, generally can produce water.

11. "Bay to bay, the water does not dry up."

Two mountains bay frontal opposite, in the middle of the bay is found to have dipped water or good water plants appear, is the performance of the mountain accumulation of water, drilling wells here, there will be good spring water.

12. "Two mountains are united, and there are springs flowing underneath."

Between the mountain and the mountain generally lack of perennial flow of water, the rainy season may flood at the joints, the dry season groundwater may be exposed at the joints into springs.

13. "There are many pebbles on the river manholes, and the underground diving is like a dark river".

Ground water detector

Although rivers have dried up in winter, there are submerged streams under river manholes that can intercept and store water, and wells can be drilled to get wate

It is not scientific to judge whether there is water underground by experience, and it is normal to have water here and no water at intervals in the same piece of land, so you can use ground water detector to judge the water source and locate the depth of the water source, so as to solve the problem of finding water.

Hunan pqwt geological exploration equipment research institute, is engaged in geological survey ground water detector equipment research professional institutions, and with the HIT to jointly undertake the "National Thirteenth Five-Year Water Special Research Project" Puqi new generation of physical prospecting ground water detector with portable, simple operation, automatic map, high accuracy. Its equipment has obtained a number of invention patents and software copyrights.

Ground water detector used in the principle of electric detection method is divided into artificial electric field method and self (natural) electric field method. Artificial electric field includes DC power supply, excitation, controlled source and other professional methods, these methods are mostly used in various large geological census projects, involving thousands of lines and points, but it is quite inconvenient to use, especially to carry the power supply device, often requires a lot of manual labor. The natural electric field method has gradually matured after decades of research and application. It also requires people who are looking for water to have a lot of practical experience in the local environment, lithology, and has been well analysis in order to say white hair a hundred times.