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How much does it cost to drill a hot spring well or geothermal well?

Views: 78     Author: pqwt     Publish Time: 2023-02-15      Origin: PQWT

Many people think that hot springs appear out of thin air in a prime location, but this is not the case. Few people know that the formation of hot springs is actually related to geothermal heat. There are usually two types of hot springs, the first being those produced by the effectiveness of strata within lava, or by volcanic eruptions, i.e. most of these are potassium sulphocyanate springs, which can also be based on the effects of bathing and eating on the body. When used for bathing, it can cause capillary dilation and improve basal metabolism throughout the body due to the stimulation of the skin by sulfate, which can have an effect on certain skin diseases. The second type of hot spring is produced by the infiltration of groundwater into the circulatory system, and most of these springs are located in mountainous areas and rivers.

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In China, geothermal resources are very colorful and there is enough heat to develop and utilize them to add a new dimension to the development of tourism. Hot spring resources are also very colorful, especially medium and ultra-low temperature hot spring resources, which are very common in southeastern coastal cities, southwestern regions, Liaodong Peninsula, Jiaodong Peninsula, and large-scale mountain basin accumulations; in other words, many regions have major criteria for developing and designing hot spring tourism scenic spots. If you want to develop and design hot springs, the first step of hot spring investigation is inevitable, and the development and design of hot springs is divided into two orders, light and heavy, of which the most important part is the drilling of hot spring wells.

The drilling of geothermal wells is one of the most costly and time-consuming parts of early construction projects for spa development and design. In addition to the "water" and "mineral" properties, a hot spring must also be "hot" and it is difficult to tell which one is harder to drill. Even though hot springs are more common than the original oil everywhere, they are not always playable everywhere, not to mention that they also have changing characteristics. Since hot springs are cyclical, it is necessary to conduct a reasonable and detailed survey of hot springs before mining them, to understand the various patterns of hot springs, how deep they are underground, how much water is open, how hot they are, what criteria are used to produce them, how they are compensated for, how fluid they are, and what geological formations have hot springs nearby. Therefore, if we can successfully handle a hot spring drilling project in this period, it can almost be considered a new project for successful development and design of hot springs.

The construction of a hot spring well project is a very complex project that must be carried out step by step. In order to improve the completion rate of hot spring wells, it is necessary to select mechanical equipment according to the results of geothermal hot spring investigations, and to select technology and drilling and processing technology solutions according to the geothermal geological environment. Geothermal wells are carried out layer by layer in accordance with the drilling and processing technology and the construction plan of drilling engineering, dividing the engineering partition and setting the process quality reference points, which facilitates the supervision of engineering construction quality and the regular inspection and evaluation at a later stage.

Therefore, how much it costs to build a hot spring well will cost tens of millions to millions of dollars and will likely take months or even a year or two, which involves the cost of hot spring investigation, the cost of hot spring drilling, which is affected by geological and environmental conditions, drilling and processing technology, the selection of an elite engineering and construction team, the depth of drilling,,, the selection of machinery and equipment, and other hazards. However, if the extraction is successful, the subsequent profits of the spa chain should not be underestimated and can reasonably contribute to the social and economic development of the area.

ground water detector

Whether drilling artificial wells or drilling deep wells, package water to play and not package water to play the price is not the same, package water to play need to take certain risks, so in the price will be much higher than not package water to play, as a well drilling engineer, as long as you can find the water level, and can locate, to do the bullet, then the project payment is not all to your account, the income is not up? The same as a party with the well, do not package the well to play the same risk of not hitting the water, and also need to pay the well-driller, is not some scratch it, when the precise location of the water source is also very necessary.

It is not scientific to judge whether there is water in the ground by experience, it is normal to have water here and no water at a distance from the same piece of land, so you can use the ground water detector to judge the water source and locate the depth of the water source to solve the problem of finding water.

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