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How much does it cost to drill a hot spring well?

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In recent years, the development and utilization of hot springs has been in full swing, and various development projects of hot spring resources have sprung up in the north and south of China. As a very characteristic kind of tourism resources, it can not only be used for a variety of operations such as hot spring bathing, hot spring medical treatment, hot spring sports and hot spring beauty, but also for community heating and providing hot water for domestic use, and in addition, the surplus water can be used for agricultural planting and flower planting. Hot springs have such a high economic value that many investors and developers have become interested in them. As we all know, hot springs are a geothermal mineral resource buried in the ground, and it is important to have a real hot spring in addition to various cultural and tourism planning and design to increase the hot spring products in tourism projects, as the natural exposed hot springs are basically exhausted and can only rely on drilling wells to cut springs. So, how much does it cost to drill a hot spring well? The cost of drilling a hot spring well is mainly the cost of geothermal hot spring survey and hot spring drilling costs and other two major parts.


I. How much does it cost to drill a hot spring well?

Geothermal (hot spring) survey cost

Before drilling a hot spring well, we must first determine whether there is a hot spring or not. Can we be sure that there is a hot spring in the area as long as there is a hot spring exposed or a hot spring well has been drilled nearby? I can only say that it is possible, because the formation of hot springs is related to geological formations, and there are usually two types of resource forms, one is a stratified hot field, similar to an oil field, so if there are hot springs nearby, you can also drill a hot spring well here. The other is a strip of thermal storage, similar to a river ditch or a pond, where the amount of water is not large and the recharge is slow, in which case the probability of drilling in a rock layer without water is much higher. So, is it stratified or strip? Where to drill in order not to "step on the mine"?

Many people will say, "Who knows what's going on underground? Isn't it like gambling on luck? In fact, it is not impossible to find out. Since the liberation of China, large-scale mineral resources exploration has been carried out, and the situation of solid mines and metal mines has been very clear, and the technology level has been very mature. To figure out the situation of geothermal (hot springs), it is necessary to use the theory and survey technology in the fields of geological survey, geophysics, geochemistry, geothermal drilling, plus - model measurements such as fluid dynamic balance, so as to determine the location and depth of geothermal drilling, as well as water temperature and water volume.


On the market, there is a simple physical exploration of hot spring survey, ranging from 100,000 to 200,000, and there is also a comprehensive assessment of the development and utilization of geothermal resources and solutions in place for hot spring survey, with prices ranging from 400,000 to 1 million, depending on the regional geological conditions.

Second, how much is a 1500-meter hot spring well

Drilling cost: After a good survey, you can start the drilling construction project according to the drilling design model, and the drilling project is a considerable part of the whole investment in drilling hot spring wells. The price of the drilling construction project is determined by a combination of factors such as geographic location, geological conditions, resource situation, depth of the project design drilling, industry quotation, choice of drilling construction team, choice of drilling equipment, and the way the spa well is offset.

1. Influence of geology on spa wells

The more complex the underground situation is, the higher the risk of spa drilling and the more means and equipment need to be used. At the same time, the different rock properties and rock structure underground will have different requirements for technology and equipment, so different underground geological conditions will themselves affect the price of spa drilling.

2. The choice of drilling construction team

The choice of the construction team itself will affect the price of drilling, which is related to the local area where the construction team is located, but also related to the type of construction team level. A good drilling construction team not only manages the construction, but also controls the construction quality, construction progress and construction safety of the entire drilling process, while monitoring data in real time, observing whether the rock properties at each stage are consistent with the rock properties predicted in the preliminary survey, and whether the construction progress, methods and equipment selection need to be adjusted. A drilling construction team with many years of construction experience and professional - excellent technology can reduce the risk of drilling construction to a certain extent.

3. Selection of well drilling equipment

Underground different rock properties and rock structure for different technical and equipment requirements, and different equipment and drilling supplies, loss and consumption prices are also different, thus also constitute a difference in the price of the spa well, in addition, the spa drilling process used in other survey, detection, monitoring, maintenance equipment also need to be reasonably well equipped to cope with a variety of complex engineering conditions, which will affect the spa Drilling price. The more complex the underground geology of the project site, the higher the risk of spa drilling, and the more means and equipment need to be used.

4. Differences in the way of using hot spring well drilling

A single form of utilization is actually a waste of geothermal resources. The same hot spring well can be developed not only for hot spring tourism resorts, hot spring heating communities, but also for geothermal agriculture, and different geothermal applications require different drilling depths and technical processes, so the different utilization needs of hot spring wells also affect the investment cost of hot spring wells. The investment cost of hot spring wells.

5. Comprehensive environment, market conditions

The local price level, transportation costs, utilities, etc. are all factors that affect the price of hot spring well drilling. In addition, the labor cost of the drilling team, the choice of construction personnel, technicians and safety personnel, all affect the formation of the price of a hot spring well.

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