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How to achieve fast well drilling

Views: 4     Author: pqwt     Publish Time: 2023-02-07      Origin: PQWT

Do you know about tube well precipitation? In fact, tube well precipitation is arranged by some independent work around the pit tube wells, and then let the groundwater under the action of gravity flow in the well, and then in the pumping equipment precipitation pumping away, such a process is our often said tube well precipitation. So do you know the specific construction method of tube well precipitation?


What we need to do is to arrange the tubewell. First of all, before the drilling project, usually also will choose a suitable well location, and will also combine this feature to choose the right pump. We also wait until the water volume inside the pit is determined, then we check the water limit of a single well point, and then we can determine the water volume of the well. The wells are evenly spaced at 5 meter intervals along the sides of the pit, and are connected to each other by a collection pipe.

How to achieve fast well drilling

For the phenomenon of drilling and precipitation, in the construction site is more common, mainly because the demand for water in the building is relatively high, the daily production of domestic water can not fully meet the needs of the building, even if we meet our needs, then the amount it costs is relatively large. Therefore, in order to save resources, people will also look for some places that may contain water sources to align for drilling wells in the construction process, so that they can meet the requirements of construction. Not all the parts that are badly worn are replaced with new ones, as long as they are replaced to the parts that are under less stress as well, saving the money of accessories and also saving the time of buying parts.

1. Piling is a hidden project, in order to ensure the quality of the project, analyze and deal with quality accidents in the process of piling and provide the necessary basis for the acceptance of the quality of the project, therefore, when piling must be necessary for the determination of data and make detailed records of each pile.

2. It is strictly forbidden to make partial pile driving, because partial pile driving will cause stress concentration on one side of the pile head, resulting in the joint action of pressure and bending, which will easily break the pile. For this reason, the pile hammer, pile cap and pile body axis must be coincident, the liner should be flat and even, and the structure is suitable.

Factors affecting the amount of recharge.


1、Hydrogeological condition of the project site

The larger the particle size of the aquifer, the thicker the better, the better with pebbles. If it is a fine sand or chalky sand, then sorry, it is a big trouble.

2. Well formation level


Let's assume that two drilling teams drill a well at the same point, with the same structure and the same depth. One produces 100 tons of water per hour and the other produces 50 tons of water per hour, which one can recharge more water? This is where it is easy to overlook, the one that produces 50 tons and the one that produces 100 tons, the same sand and water is still. The fact is that the construction team drilling the well with small water output, not only the amount of recharge at that time is small, the faster the decay later, even causing to later when the water output well are not qualified. Pile driver construction process, the lighter will cause the outer layer of the building off, the wall or floor cracking, the heavier will make over beam deformation, resulting in doors and windows open and close are difficult, and even the underground pipeline will cause damage or fracture.