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How to check underground pipe leakage, how effective is the pipe leakage detector

Views: 7     Author: pqwt     Publish Time: 2022-07-06      Origin: pqwt

In recent years, with the gradual development of urban water supply, the management level of urban water supply pipeline network has been greatly improved. However, it should be noted that no matter how advanced the management level is, water leakage in urban water supply pipe network is inevitable. Leakage of urban water supply network will not only lead to a significant increase in water production cost and unnecessary water supply, but also cause huge economic losses, even ground collapse and damage to urban house foundation. Therefore, it is necessary to analyze the leakage and causes of urban water supply pipeline network and adopt effective detection methods to control the leakage in order to reduce the cost of water supply and save water resources.

pipe leakage detector

Analysis of the causes of underground pipeline leakage.

There are many causes of water supply pipe network leakage, which can be summarized as factors outside the pipe, inside the pipe and the pipe itself.

1, the pipe network material by historical and economic reasons for unreasonable choice of pipe supply, funding and technical constraints, the status quo in Nanning City, most of the old urban water supply pipe has been eliminated pipe, mainly: gray cast iron pipe, self-stressed reinforced concrete pipe, individual lots and even ceramic pipe.

2, pipe network construction quality for its long-term operation brings hidden dangers due to the installation and maintenance of water supply pipes on the engineering management system, management methods, models and construction personnel quality awareness is not strong and other factors, not in strict accordance with the construction specifications, so that some of the newly laid water supply pipelines more or less safe hidden dangers.

pipe leakage detector

Can own with the help of water pipeline pqwt leak detector can also be called pipeline leak detector for leak detection. Can capture the signal generated by the leak point, can be accurate to the leak point within 1-2 meters. As long as the water supply pipe is a certain water pressure of the water pipe, and the leak is a continuous spray leak can be found with the leak detection instrument to the leak, leakage can not be accurately detected.