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How to detect leaking pipes and repair methods

Views: 1     Author: pqwt     Publish Time: 2022-12-01      Origin: PQWT

In modern society, the requirements for decoration have been generally improved, then the house after a long time various problems will appear, how to do the water pipe leakage is one of the problems we face, we all know that the water pipe has always been one of the ways of home drainage, then the problem of leakage, it is necessary for us to understand how to detect water leakage and repair methods.

pipe leak detector

A, how to detect water pipe leaks

1、Valve bolt listening method

pipe leak detector

Buy a pqwt pipe leak detector, and then directly put the pipe leak detector near the water valve, if the pipe leak detector does not make a sound, indicating that there is no leak in the vicinity, if the pipe leak detector makes a big leak sound, indicating that there is a leak in the vicinity, the user can determine the approximate location of the leak by the size of the sound. This method is rather clumsy, but the effect is very good.

2、Find water seepage parts

General water pipes are either buried in the ceiling or under the floor, so it is difficult to find the leak, let alone find the leak. If the water pipe leakage is more serious, you can find the location of the floor or ceiling to see where there is water seepage, indicating that this location is the leak point. Of course, there are many reasons for water seepage, so when looking for it, you should also learn to distinguish.

B. How to repair a leaking pipe

Method 1:Repair with glue. If the leak is not very serious, then you can first find the leaking point of the water pipe, and then use special plugging glue to plug the gap, it will effectively alleviate the leak.

Method two: replace the old pipeline. If the sewer leak is due to more serious cracks or damage, then the glue repair is obviously not practical, although the operation is simple, but the symptoms are not the root cause, the most thorough method is to replace the old tube with a new tube, it is recommended to let professionals operate.

1、Block the leak with glue

If there is a slight degree of leakage in the pipe, such as just a trace of water droplets occasionally, then you can use the plugging glue to repair. First of all, you need to carefully observe the pipe and determine the location of the leak, and then evenly apply the plugging glue in the gap, and wait for thorough drying to effectively alleviate the phenomenon of water seepage.

The operation method is simple and can be completed, but the disadvantage is that the water pipe is, after all, a high frequency of contact with water in the area, so a long time the crack may still appear leakage phenomenon.

2、Old pipe for new pipe

Just said the repair with plugging gel, belonging to an emergency but no symptoms of the method, then want to completely solve the sewer leak, the best and most thorough method than the old tube for a new tube. First, you also need to find the exact leak point, cut off this section of the old pipe, and then connect the new pipe to fix it. This situation is not recommended to operate on their own, after all, the operation is more troublesome and professional, it is best to ask a professional plumber to repair.