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How to drill a well to find water in rural areas?

Views: 6     Author: pqwt     Publish Time: 2023-01-28      Origin: Site

1.Location selection

In rural areas, due to the lack of water resources, it is important to prevent water shortages in advance in order to prevent winter and summer shortages, so we usually drill our own wells to reserve water and purify it.

First, a good location should be determined: a live water source (preferably reached with flowing water), a large soft space on the ground, and a location slightly above the home location (so that no additional equipment will be installed).

2、Determination of the depth of the well

Next to the location and well depth of the mountain to be able to determine to maintain the stability of the water source, determine the height of the well depth can be excavated, excavated with cement to fix the water can be stored, the best stone fixed on top to maintain stability.

3、Fix cement and add well cover

Prepare all the depth can be fixed with cement, fix the process to pay attention to the lower 3/7 of the location of the water pipe, all the side areas should be fixed, you can prepare part of the well cover area, well cover cement fixed, you can leave an area can go in, so as to go in later to clean up.

4、Storage of water.

After the cement is dry, you can start storing water, the first time the amount of water stored can be slightly less so that the reservoir can stay clean, you can also store water 2 days after the water is released to make sure they need the amount of water.

5、Water for home use, pay attention to add purifier

Household water part, you can add external purifier, the water can be purified after use, later to pay attention to check the water well water can, to ensure that there is no leakage area.

It is not scientific to judge whether there is water underground by experience. It is normal for the same piece of land to have water here and no water at intervals, and then you can use water finder to judge the water source and can locate the depth of water source so as to solve the problem of difficulty in finding water.

Hunan Puqi Geological Exploration Equipment Research Institute is a professional institution engaged in the research of geological survey water finder equipment, and jointly with Harbin Institute of Technology to build the "National 13th Five-Year Water Special Research Project" Puqi new generation of physical prospecting water finder has the characteristics of easy to carry, simple operation, automatic map, high accuracy, its equipment has won a number of invention patents and software Copyright.


The principle of electric detection method used by the instrument is divided into artificial electric field method and natural electric field method. Artificial electric field includes DC power supply, excitation, controlled source and other professional methods, these methods are mostly used in various large geological census projects, involving thousands of lines and points, but it is quite inconvenient to use, especially to carry the power supply device, often requires a lot of manual labor. The natural electric field method has gradually matured after decades of research and application. It also requires people who are looking for water to have a lot of practical experience in the local environment, lithology, and has been well analysis in order to say white hair a hundred times.