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How to find a pipe leak with pipeline leak detector

Views: 2     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2023-01-29      Origin: Site

Many times, we encounter underground water pipe leaks, but we can't locate the leak and find the cause. In fact, if we learn how to find the leak, we can solve the problem very well, so how to detect the location of the underground water leak?

pipeline leak detector

How to check for underground pipe leaks.

1, use pipeline leak detector at the exposed location of the pipe to measure the leak point, check whether there is a leak sound to determine the leak point, confirm that it is correct, and then narrow the hearing range of the leaking pipe. The louder the sound of the listening point, the closer the leak point, and the farther the leak point is, the smaller the leak point.

Determine the location of the leak in the pipeline and then use the pipeline leak detector to amplify the hearing leak to find the exact location.

pipeline leak detector

pqwt pipeline leak detector through the sensor will leak sound signal acquisition, the collected signal through the pipeline leak detector host processing, to visualize the spectrum and signal column on the host screen, while the sound will also be output through the host to the headphones, through the "listen "Listen", "See" two ways to combine, analysis and judgment of the leak point. "Census mode" + "positioning mode" double lock water leakage point, can be accurate, fast, effective solution to all kinds of household plumbing leakage problem.

2、Leakage of water pipe joints. Usually, this situation is because the water pipe joints are not directly connected, so the sealing process does not appear such a problem. In this case, first, disconnect the water source and remove the two joints. Screw in the screws, then wrap more turns of raw material tape around the threads and retighten them. If it is because of aging, you need to replace the new water pipe.

3, If the sewer pipe leaks, it will be more difficult to deal with, and may also affect the tenants downstairs, which must be dealt with immediately. Usually, PVC pipe is used for sewer. This can be directly cut off the leaking part, and then replace the shell with glue, apply it twice, and so on to dry.

4, iron pipe leakage is due to the accumulation of scale in the pipe and long-term rusting and corrosion of the water pipe. After the leak is found, if the leak is relatively small, you can cut off the middle part and connect it with a joint. If the leak is large and the rust is serious, the entire pipe must be replaced.

Conclusion: When checking for leaks, be sure to turn off the water head and power supply. Water conducts electricity and leaks can easily occur. You can then simply plug the leak to prevent water from flowing elsewhere. These are simple ways to check for leaks in downspouts and deal with them when you encounter them. I hope this will be helpful.