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How to find out where the bathroom leaks?

Views: 2     Author: pqwt     Publish Time: 2022-12-30      Origin: PQWT

For urban residents, home life is probably the most worried about bathroom leaks, many renovation companies, although waterproof, but long-term living will still have the problem of leaks. If a leak occurs, not only affect the normal life of their homes, so that the home water, and even lead to neighbors downstairs large areas of roof seepage, and even cause short circuit and other dangers. So we need to know how to find the leak detection bathroom leak? Here's what you need to know with the Puchi Institute.

pipeline leak detecto

1、Noise detection method

If residents find that their homes have water leakage problems, or downstairs neighbors react to the problem of water leakage upstairs, then we must find a professional water leak detection company to detect above. When the bathroom water supply pipe leaks, the water overflows under pressure, at this time, noise will be generated, and this noise will keep spreading along the water pipe to both sides, and some will also spread along the medium to the ground, and then the professional water leak detection company will capture the sound of this leak to find the leak through pipeline leak detecto.

Professional bathroom leak detection company will be converted to electrical signals through pipeline leak detecto to capture the noise of the leak, after the corresponding amplification and digital filtering process, so that you can more accurately determine the exact location of the leak, leak detection acoustic detection method can be detected in an area of 2 meters in diameter, pipeline leak detecto is heard on the water pipe break when The clattering sound that flows out. This is a detection method that has only been used in recent years and is highly accurate, allowing the leak to be identified on the same day and the repair to be completed at the same time.

pipeline leak detecto

PQWT Institute of Geological Exploration Equipment is a professional organization engaged in the research of pipeline leak detection equipment and urban pipeline loss reduction. It is mainly dedicated to the research and scientific research on the application technology of underground pressure pipeline leak detecto and undertakes the "National 13th Five-Year Water Special Research Project". Our institute insists on the strategic goal of "developing the institute with science and technology and strengthening the institute with talents", and implements the open-ended policy of running the institute, and the independent core leak detection technology in the field of research and development of new generation of underground pressure pipeline leak detection equipment has attracted great attention in the industry. advantages.

2、Waterproof detection method

Bathroom leaks can learn waterproofing detection methods during renovation, whether the bathroom floor drain is blocked, and then put water in the bathroom to see if the ceiling downstairs seepage, and where the water will seep out from, so you can mark the location of the leak.

However, this method needs to be noted that the downstairs neighbors should actively cooperate, otherwise it will lead to conflict. Of course, if water seepage has already occurred, then you can use this method, such as good patching, or you can repair the ceiling to the downstairs neighbors.

The above is the introduction of the bathroom leak detection method. When introducing the leak detection method, we should note that different pipes are made of different materials, so the detection of sound transmission is slightly different, so anyone with experience is very good at detecting bathroom leaks. If you do have a leak in your home, it is best to get a professional water leak detection company to come to your home so you can solve the problem more quickly.