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How to find the leak of water pipes at home?

Views: 16     Author: PQWT     Publish Time: 2022-05-14      Origin: pqwt

Water leakage is a normal thing in family life, which not only affects our lives but also causes a lot of headaches, so, how to check whether the water pipe is leaking at home?


leak detector

Usually, we will pressure test the water pipe, and then use the pipe leak detector to determine whether the leak, the operation method is as follows.


1, turn off all water in the house, observe whether the water meter is moving, moving, indicating that there is a leak suspected. Water meter does not move, indicating that the suspicion of leakage is small, but can not be 100% sure that there is no leakage, there may be other factors not caused by the pipeline leakage;.


2, the main valve into the house into the water pipe closed, and then all the house faucet, angle valve off, and then remove a faucet for pressure (generally play 8-10 kg pressure). If possible, it is best to remove all faucets in the house, with a plug plug (to avoid damage to the faucet), with special attention to the water heater must be removed from the inlet pipe.


In general, first pressurize the cold water pipe, if the cold water pipe does not leak after passing the pressure test, you also need to pressure hold test the hot water pipe to see if the hot water pipe leaks. After pressurizing the pipe, according to the length of time to see if the pressure is dropped, and if the pressure is dropped, you will be able to determine whether the pipe is suspected of leaking.


3, the use of pipe leak detector can easily help identify the leakage of pipes and devices. The principle is that "pipeline water under pressure from the leak point when the impact of the noise generated by the wall spread along the pipeline, or along the buried medium to the ground, through the sensor to amplify the leak noise to determine the leak point". The sensor of the detection instrument is used to detect above the road surface of the pipe to find the leak.

pipe leak detector