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How to judge the depth of water when drilling a well in the plains?

Views: 43     Author: pqwt     Publish Time: 2022-06-10      Origin: pqwt

Many engineering teams cannot determine the correct depth and location of groundwater when drilling a well in the plains, and it takes years of experience to calculate it. We hope this will help you.

 ground water detector

It is relatively easy to drill a well in the plains, as long as it is not very dry season downward, you can soon hit the water layer. But people still sum up some experience to save time and effort to get groundwater. Although groundwater is invisible, it is possible to find some patterns through some surface temperature and humidity representations.


The temperature of the shallow groundwater of 5-10 meters is relatively constant, maintaining around 15all year round, i.e., warm in winter and cool in summer. According to this characteristic, we will find that in winter time where the groundwater is shallow, the time of permafrost will be later, and likewise the time of thawing will be longer. In summer, the humidity will be higher in places with shallow groundwater, and the fog will be thicker.


Of course, the above experience is not a "sure thing" to determine the situation of groundwater, especially in times of drought, the above symptoms will be much weaker. Modern drilling techniques are often used to determine water veins. The common ones are electric exploration, ground water detector, magnetic exploration and magnetic exploration.


It is not scientific to determine whether there is water in the ground by experience, it is normal to have water here and no water at some distance in the same piece of land, so ground water detector can be used to determine the water source and locate the depth of the water source, thus solving the problem of finding water.

 ground water detector

The principle of ground water detector used by the electric detection method is divided into artificial electric field method and natural (natural) electric field method. Artificial electric field includes DC power supply, excitation, controlled source and other professional methods, these methods are mostly used in all kinds of large geological census projects, involving thousands of lines and points, but the use of inconvenience, especially the transport of power supply devices, often require a lot of manual. Using pqwt ground water detector, the new generation of physical exploration ground water detector has the characteristics of easy to carry, simple operation, automatic map formation and high accuracy, and its equipment has obtained a number of invention patents and software copyrights.