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How to operate the heating pipe leak detector

Views: 5     Author: pipe leak detector     Publish Time: 2022-09-29      Origin: pipe leak detector

pipe leak detector

Heating pipes can be pressurized with a pressurizer, generally, slightly more professional plumbers have this machine. Usually the pressure of the water pipe is 4 pressure, through the instrument sub-way pressure, such as a leak, the gauge needle will slide, so it is easy to detect it ask the renovation of their encounter with this situation should be more clear ah some, with air pressure with inflatable, such as the compressor used in the renovation, you put each water faucet, are blocked, from the water into the place of inflatable, you can find out where the leak is first you look at the joint of your pipe Put in the wall or underground, if in the top then it is a good solution, disassemble the top can see the general is to use the air pump pressurized water company has a special equipment to detect the underground pipe network with, you can find your local water company's construction team to help you check, hidden projects so that it becomes a hidden project, why not do before the buried pipe pressure it, the pipe buried on buried oh, pick it out, no Other good way. After the plumber installed the water pipe, it should be filled with water, 24 hours later to see if there are leaks, or all the pipes are blocked, pressurized with a compressor, you can also see where the leak does not leak.

How to operate the heating pipe leak detector?

Water "run, bubble, drip, leak" is a long-term problem faced by urban water companies, property communities, large enterprises and factories. The waste of water is not only a waste of valuable natural resources, but also to the city water company, property community, enterprises and institutions to cause great economic losses and burdens. Water leakage from fire hoses is a great safety hazard. Therefore, accurate positioning of water leak detection equipment and correct, scientific means of water leak detection is very much needed by enterprises and institutions. Leakage acoustic wave generation: water supply network under certain pressure, once the breakage occurs leakage, due to the role of pressure differences inside and outside the pipe, water will escape from the breakage point, and has a certain speed, escaping water will produce two mechanical movement process. (1), due to the viscosity of the water and has the initial velocity pipe leak detector degree, will rub the pipe wall, the formation of vibration, the vibration in the form of fluctuations along the pipe to both sides of the propagation, at the storm water (such as gate wells, etc.), can.

Operation method: first the sensor, headphones connected to the pipe leak detector host. Turn on the switch, wear the pipe leak detector headphones, the sensor is placed on the road above the pipeline to be measured, placed step by step according to the length calculation, step by step listening, the closer to the leak, the stronger the signal, the farther away from the leak the weaker the signal, according to the size of the leak sound and sound quality characteristics to determine the location of the leak. Leak detection in addition to the size of the sound to identify the location of the leak, but also to distinguish the sound quality, mainly the frequency composition. In layman's terms, the sound with more high-frequency components feels crisp, and the sound with more low-frequency components feels low; the farther the sound of water leakage spreads on the pipeline, the more high-frequency components are lost, and the more low it sounds, while the sound is crisp near the location of the leak, so experienced detectors can roughly estimate the distance of the leak according to the change of frequency.

pipe leak detector

Hunan Puqi Geological Exploration Equipment Research Institute is a professional institution engaged in the research of pipeline leak detection equipment and urban pipeline loss reduction. It is mainly dedicated to the research and scientific research on the application technology of underground pressure pipeline leak detector and undertakes the "National 13th Five-Year Water Special Research Project". Our institute insists on the strategic goal of "developing the institute with science and technology and strengthening the institute with talents", and implements the open-ended policy of running the institute. advantages.