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  How to set up a team to check the water leakage of pipes

Views: 0     Author: pqwt     Publish Time: 2022-10-21      Origin: PQWT

The shortage of water resources is an increasingly obvious livelihood issue, however, the problem of urban water supply network construction and management is also an important part of the waste of water resources. Different types of leaks have different manifestations. The geometry, pressure, material, humidity, temperature and flow rate of the leak are all factors that affect the performance of the leak. Too many interfering factors pose a great challenge to leak detection and leak testing. So how to form a team to check pipeline leaks?


1. Effective matching of leak detection instruments

The geographical, economic and technical conditions of each water division are different, and the instruments selected are also different, and should be matched according to their specific conditions. Analysis from the geographical situation, the southern pipeline buried shallow, with the pipeline leak detector to listen to the leak instrument can solve 70% of the leak; and the northern pipeline buried deeper, the leak sound is more difficult to reach the ground, the best choice of leak detection trolley. But from the analysis of economic and technical conditions, municipalities directly under the Central Government, provincial capitals and economically developed cities of the Water Division optional advanced pipeline leak detector cart, which provides the prerequisite for rapid reduction of leakage consumption.

2. Strengthen the training of leak detection personnel

Leak detection is a comprehensive work, equipped with a leak detector, but without the selection of suitable personnel is difficult to play the benefits, which requires strengthening the training of leak detection personnel in order to improve leak detection skills, but also to train the dedicated spirit of hard work and endurance of leak detection personnel.

3. Select effective leak detection methods

Although there are more methods of leak detection in the water supply industry, but from the actual effect of leak detection, you should choose to use the audio leak detection method pipe leak detector, the relevant leak detection method, the automatic monitoring method of water leakage sound or zoning leak detection method. At present, many water divisions have chosen these methods to control water leakage has played a role.

4. To fully mobilize the enthusiasm of leak detection personnel

Leak detection is a difficult outdoor work, sometimes also need to work at night, how to mobilize the enthusiasm of leak detection personnel is the water division should be concerned about the problem. Economic leverage should be used to create a management system with rewards and penalties to greatly mobilize the enthusiasm of leak detection personnel.