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How to solve the water seepage phenomenon on the wall of the house?

Views: 11     Author: pqwt     Publish Time: 2022-07-27      Origin: PQWT


1) Close the main valve of the water pipe. That is, the water pipe switch in front of the water meter

2) Open the faucet inside the room for 20 minutes to ensure that no water is dripping again and then close all the faucets. 3)

3) Turn off the water inlet switch of the toilet tank and the washing machine and other equipment with water storage function.

4) Open the main valve of the water pipe.

5) 20 minutes after opening the main valve to see if the water meter is moving, including a slow walk. If there is walking, that is, the water leak. If it does not move, it is probably fine. If there is a problem with the water meter or slight seepage of water pipes, it may be difficult to determine. So it is recommended that the construction must be completed by water pressure test experiment, generally pressurized 8 kg, time 20-30 minutes. It is best to personally overlook the direction of the water pipe: it is recommended that the water pipe to go to the top of the safest. Most of the main is the water line transformation to take the dark pipe, and the characteristics of water is the water flows to the low. If the pipeline to go underground, once the leak is difficult to find in time, only water or floor deformation and leakage to the downstairs, only to find the leak, and because the water pipe buried very difficult to find out where the leak. At this time, the huge losses are irretrievable, and even seriously affect the friendly neighborhood; if the water pipe to go to the top, may be higher costs when the water change, but as a long-term investment, it is worth it. Water pipe to go to the top, even if the leak, can also be found in time, easy to repair, the loss is also smaller. In daily life, if you find the following situations, please check the pipes as soon as possible.

pipe leak detector

Water pipes go underground.

1) wall paint surface mold out of the bubble

2) skirting or wood flooring blackened and the surface of the fine bubble

How to solve the phenomenon of water seepage on the wall?

Water pipes go to the top: 1)

1) the phenomenon of cloudy and wet on the ceiling or water dripping down

2)The wall tile part of the pipe is cloudy and wet or there is water seepage

PQWT pipe leak detector choose to buy before understanding the home of water leaks, the size of the leak, whether you can play pressure.

pipe leak detector

Its working principle is the pressure water pipe leak after the pressure water from the broken mouth of the pipe rushing out, and the sound vibration generated by the friction of the pipe wall and other additional vibration caused by the transmission to the pipe above the ground, the instrument is used to detect the road surface to find out the leak.

In general, the basic detection method is, connect the host, headphones, sensors. Turn on the switch, put on the headphones, place the sensor on the road above the pipeline, place it step by step according to the length of the pace, and listen to it step by step, the closer to the leak, the stronger the signal, the farther away from the leak the weaker the signal, and achieve the purpose of detecting the leak by comparing the signal strength between different points. Therefore, we use the instrument, a single point to listen to the leak signal is not meaningful, to multi-point repeatedly to compare, compare the sound vibration of the larger place is the leak, of course, we have to consider many other additional factors, such as the direction of the leak breakage mouth, because the pipe is round, if the side of the leak, may be larger points instead in the side of the road above the pipe, rather than being the pipe Above the road, so the location of the pipeline to know, in addition to tee, bend, water pressure, burial depth, buried layer, etc. will have an impact on the detection of these to take into account.

How to solve the phenomenon of water seepage on the wall?

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