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How to improve the success rate of drilling water with ground water detector

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First of all different strata drilling machines to improve drilling efficiency tips, the service life and working energy efficiency of different drilling tools are also different: the structure of the rotary and circulating washing part is basically the same as that of the rotary drilling machine with compressed air washing, and the bits used are tungsten carbide spherical tooth bits or tooth wheel bits, etc. The wind-driven submersible hammer drilling rig can be used for drilling deep wells in hard rock formations with high drilling speed, and the drilling speed does not decrease due to the increase of drilling depth, and the drilled well holes are straighter. In order to adapt to the needs of different strata drilling and improve drilling efficiency, water well drilling rigs are developing towards multi-purpose drilling rigs and full hydraulic transmission and manipulation: that is, one drilling rig is equipped with a variety of equipment and accessories, and can use a variety of drilling methods such as impact, rotary and submersible hammer; it can also use mud washing, compressed air washing and positive and negative circulation washing methods.

ground water detector

For the construction of sinkhole drainage method, the required construction machinery are: winch, transportation machinery, drainage machinery, pressurized and anti-slope equipment, etc. It is suitable for the loose layer of the fourth system, where the influx of water is not large and the flowing sand layer is thin.

This instrument is suitable for: site precipitation, deep water wells, air conditioning wells, blasting holes, domestic wells, engineering wells, air conditioning wells, engineering precipitation, washing wells, repairing wells, pump drilling wells precipitation wells farmland wells deep water wells repairing machine wells, etc.

Ground water detector, can measure the ground water source

A, ground water detector is currently advanced domestic and foreign well drilling water instrumentation, he can solve the complex natural electric field in the shielding and frequency selection signal processing amplification of major issues, multiple anti-interference design.

The ground water detector is roughly the same as the traditional artificial electric field exploration, the difference is the use of natural electric field as a power supply, omitting the traditional bulky power supply part, the main features are simple operation, easy to carry, high accuracy, fast, flexible and diverse cloth pole, is a powerful tool for electric exploration.

B. Basic principle of ground water detector

The ground water detector is used to analyze the geological anomalies we are looking for by using the changes in resistivity and other related parameters generated by the different natural electric fields and geological formations. It is roughly the same as traditional electrical exploration, but with essential differences and leapfrog improvements. Its exploration speed and accuracy are increased several times.

C. Main uses of ground water detector

ground water detector

ground water detector

1、Widely used for detailed investigation and census exploration to find groundwater sources, reduce the risk of drilling investment, improve the success rate of water extraction and scientific.

2、Used for human and animal drinking water, industrial water and agricultural irrigation needs.

D、ground water detector main features.

1、Good accuracy, high accuracy rate

2、Strong anti-interference ability

3、Bu pole flexible

PQWT research institute, is engaged in geological survey ground water detector equipment research professional institutions, currently with Harbin Institute of Technology and jointly established the 13th Five-Year National Water Special R & D base, and Hunan University of Science and Technology jointly established a strategic innovation cooperation base of industry-university research, and the University of Algeria reached a strategic partnership, Puchi new generation of physical prospecting The ground water detector is easy to carry, simple to operate, automatic map formation, high accuracy, and its equipment has won a number of invention patents and software copyrights.