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Listen from the arrangement of sound vibration water pipe leak detection instrument principle of introduction

Views: 7     Author: pqwt     Publish Time: 2022-11-01      Origin: PQWT

Sound vibration water leak detector means listening to the sound of water leakage with some kind of sound transmission tool, and judging the location of water leakage according to the size and sound quality characteristics of water leakage, from simple mechanical listening to the leak stick to all kinds of listening to sound leak detector, this method should be called sound vibration method in essence. It is the most common and effective method applied at home and abroad, and is also the method that this manual will focus on.

water pipe leak

The types of water leakage sound can usually be divided into three kinds.

(1) leak friction sound: refers to the water sprayed out of the pipe and leak friction generated by the sound, its frequency is usually 300 ~ 2500Hz, and spread along the pipe to the far side, the propagation distance is usually related to water pressure, pipe, pipe diameter, interface, leak, etc., in a certain range, can be in the gate, fire hydrant and other exposed points to hear the leak sound.

(2) head impact sound: refers to the water ejected from the pipe and the surrounding media impact generated by the sound, and the form of funnel diffusion through the soil to the ground, can be heard on the ground with a leak detector, the frequency is usually between 100 ~ 800 Hz.

(3) Media friction sound: It is the sound produced by the water ejected from the pipe driving the surrounding particles (such as soil grains, sand grains, etc.) to collide and rub against each other, and its frequency is low, which can be heard and measured when the listening rod is inserted near the underground leak, which provides the basis for the final confirmation of the leak.

Puch Pipeline Leak Detector L series. Based on the sound vibration method, the spectrum display is added to the ear. It can be directly through the instrument display. Compare the leakage point with the non-leakage place. More directly through the eyes can be distinguished.