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Natural electric field ground water detector method principle of water detection

Views: 60     Author: pqwt     Publish Time: 2022-10-17      Origin: PQWT

There are many methods to detect water, and these methods all have their own advantages, but the results are not satisfactory for finding crack water in bedrock. Now a good method to find crack water in bedrock areas has been finally found -- Natural electric field Frequency detection method (Natural electric field ground water detector).

ground water detector

Why is the effect of ground water detector good? Why is it becoming more popular? How does it work?

Electrical logging and surface electrical survey (including electrical sounding, high density electrical method, various section methods, etc.) are widely used in electrical exploration. The resolution ability of surface electrical survey is far inferior to that of electric logging. Compared with other ground electrical measurement methods, the natural electric field ground water detector has better resolution and more advantages, and its principle is closer to that of electric logging.

To illustrate the principle of natural electric field ground water detector, we first make a brief introduction of electrical logging approach: first, drilling and well drilling, the three electrodes with cable into the underground, an electrode buried in inoue, downhole three electrodes is called electrode system, according to the permutation and combination of the three electrodes and polar distance is divided into different potentials and lateral. Lift the electrode system 1 meter for one measurement (point measurement method) to obtain a geological data, and then lift the electrode system to obtain another data until it is lifted to the wellhead, and then analyze the geological changes of the well from bottom to top.

ground water detector

In contrast, the pqwt natural electric field ground water detector does not require drilling or cables, and electromagnetic waves are automatically "drilled" into the ground. Different frequencies of electromagnetic waves drill at different depths. Every change of frequency is equivalent to the electric logging lifting and measuring geological data at a depth. In the case of 150 instruments, 33 frequencies are equivalent to measuring a corresponding depth every four and a half meters on average. A measuring point is similar to doing an electric log. When the data obtained from each "electric log" are connected and drawn, a contour map is formed, so that every detail at every depth of each measuring point can be reflected.

Hunan Puqi Research Institute took the lead in developing the three-frequency measurement of the natural electric field ground water detector into a multi-frequency profile, and the computer mapping into automatic mapping. The instrument has high precision and good effect. Compared with various ground electrical measurements using resistivity methods, it is indeed a revolutionary method, especially suitable for searching for rock fissure water. As a result, it is more and more popular among geophysical prospecting personnel. Its superiority is irreplaceable by any other geophysical prospecting method. Due to the ever-changing geological conditions, the measured electroencephalogram is also in a variety of shapes. As the saying goes, "a thousand people have a thousand faces, and a thousand pictures have a thousand shapes", how to correctly interpret the electroencephalogram is not an easy thing, which requires a lot of hard work.