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Pipe Leakage Detector Technology and Principle Analysis

Views: 1     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2023-09-16      Origin: Site

Pipeline leakage is a common problem in many urban and industrial facilities, and early detection and repair of leaks is essential to safeguard water supply and reduce resource waste. In pipeline leakage detection technology, ground sound listening method is a common and effective method. In this paper, we will introduce the working principle of pipeline leakage detector and related operation steps.


First, the working principle of pipe leakage detector

When a leak occurs in a pressure water pipe, the pressure water will rush out from the broken pipe and produce friction with the pipe wall. These acoustic vibrations and additional vibrations will spread above the pipe floor. The Pipe Leak Detector utilizes sensors to detect these vibration signals and convert them into audible sound.

Second, the operation steps

1. Connect the equipment: connect the host, headphones and sensors, and ensure that the power supply is normal.

2. Place the sensor: gradually place the sensor on the upper pavement of the pipeline, and the step length should be reasonably set according to the actual situation.

3. Start the measurement: turn on the switch and put on the headset. Begin to gradually approach the location of the leakage point, while paying attention to the feedback sound of the listening device.

4. Compare the signal strength: Judge the position of the leakage point according to the strength of the signal. The closer to the leak, the stronger the signal; the farther from the leak, the weaker the signal.

5. Determine the location of the leak: by constantly comparing the signal strength between different locations, you can ultimately determine the location of the leak.

Ground sound listening method is a simple and effective pipeline leakage detection technology. By utilizing the sound vibration generated during water leakage and the additional vibration caused by the friction of the pipe wall, combined with sensors and headphone equipment, we can accurately detect and locate the pipeline leakage point. Early detection of leaks and corresponding repair measures can not only reduce resource waste, but also improve the reliability and stability of the water supply system.

We hope that this article will be helpful in understanding the principles and operating procedures of pipe leakage detectors and promote more effective pipe maintenance and management.