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Pipeline leak detector commonly used detection methods

Views: 1     Author: pqwt     Publish Time: 2023-01-30      Origin: PQWT

When the leak is not clear, the direction and buried location of the pipeline is not clear, you can use the pipeline detector to find the pipeline to understand the general direction and buried location of the pipeline. If the site has a cable, it will have some impact on the positioning of the pipeline, if you need to drill exploration, you can also use this instrument to check the cable and other underground facilities to determine the location of the direction to avoid accidents. Pipeline detector is known as underground metal pipeline detector, also known as pipeline locator, also known as pipe explorer, pipeline instrument or pipe explorer, is a special instrument to achieve underground pipeline plane positioning and burial depth positioning. Then pipeline leaks need to use the pipeline leak detector.

Pipeline leak detector

Pipeline leak detector commonly used detection methods

Experienced listen to the leak technician said: "Only the probe can not be clear pipe, no inaudible leak", which means that all the difficulties of the leak detection technology is focused on the pipe detection, solve the location of the pipe problem, the leak problem will have the premise of the solution.

Water supply pipeline buried in the ground, in addition to the fire hydrant, valve and water meter exposed on the ground, usually can not see with the naked eye how the hidden underground water supply pipeline is distributed, the function of the pipe leak detector is to determine the location of the space hidden in the underground water supply pipeline.

Pipe leak detector is one of the most important leak detection instruments in the leak detection process. Using a pipe leak detector can be detected in the exact location of the water supply line can usually find out whether there is a leak and its location. Before the use of electronic leak detector, pipe leak detector can simplify the detection of the surface to a straight line, greatly reducing the workload of listening for leaks. In addition, the use of pipe leak detector requires in-depth mastery of the use of the method, the detector must have a certain foundation in electromagnetic field theory, but also has a wealth of experience to analyze the detected electromagnetic wave signal to obtain the correct detection results. The actual situation often arises in listening for leaks: the same pipe leak detector is used to detect the same pipe, and different detectors get different results. This is because the pipe leak detector detects the electromagnetic signal, the pipe detector determines the location of the pipe based on the strength of the electromagnetic signal, and the detectors have different working experience, which leads to different results.