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Pipeline leak detector detection of water leakage sound can not be heard clearly reasons

Views: 3     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2023-11-17      Origin: Site

In the process of using a pipe leak detector, sometimes you will encounter the problem of not hearing the water leakage sound clearly. This may be due to a variety of reasons. In this paper, we will analyze these possible reasons and discuss the corresponding solutions.

Pipeline leak detector

First, the pipe is buried too deep

When the pipe is buried too deep, due to the absorption of sound by the soil, the water leakage sound energy may not be effectively transmitted to the ground. This makes the use of pipeline leak detector for detection, the leakage sound can not be heard clearly.

Second, the leak is flooded with water

If the leakage port is flooded by water, then the leakage sound energy of the pipe leak detector may be absorbed by water. In this case, the pipe leak detector may not be able to clearly hear the water leakage sound.

Water pressure is too low

If the water pressure in the pipeline is too low, it may lead to the leak at the leakage sound is very weak, can not be clearly transmitted to the ground.

Fourth, the leak above the sewer pipe sound insulation

If there are soundproof objects such as downpipes above the leakage port, it may hinder the propagation of the leakage sound of the pipeline leak detector, resulting in a lack of clarity.

Fifth, the pipeline interface leakage

If there is leakage at the pipe interface, then there will be almost no water leakage sound. Therefore, the pipe leak detector can not hear the water leakage sound does not necessarily mean that there is no water leakage.

Sixth, there are buildings or piles on the ground

If there are obstacles such as buildings or piles on the ground, the sound propagation may be impeded, resulting in the inability to clearly hear the sound of water leakage.

To summarize, pipeline leak detector detection of water leakage sound can not be clearly heard mainly because the pipeline is buried too deep, the leakage port is flooded, the water pressure is too low, the leakage port above the sewer pipe sound insulation, leakage of pipeline interfaces, and the ground there are buildings or piles of things. Aiming at different reasons, adopt corresponding solutions can effectively improve the accuracy and reliability of detection.