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Pipeline leak detector home pipeline leak detection process

Views: 2     Author: pipeline leak detection      Publish Time: 2023-04-17      Origin: pipeline leak detection

Water leaks in homes are a serious problem that not only wastes a lot of water, but also increases household expenses. The pipeline leak detector is a device that can help us quickly detect the location of pipeline leaks, and the following is the process for detecting leaks in homes:

pipeline leak detection

1. Turn off all faucets and water valves: Before conducting a pipeline leak detection, first turn off all water sources in your home, including faucets and water valves. The purpose of this step is to ensure that there is no water flowing into the piping system, so that the leak can be found more accurately during the detection process.

pipeline leak detection

2. to do pressure testing of the pipeline must play water pressure, external pressure gauge with four-way valve, first play 8-10 kg of water pressure after checking all the corner valves, faucets and other fittings are sealed to ensure that the pipeline is in a sealed state, so as to ensure that the pressure test is accurate.

pipeline leak detection

3. Prepare the pipeline leak detector: buy a pipeline leak detector in the market, follow the instructions to operate correctly and adjust the sensitivity and working mode of the pipeline leak detector.

pipeline leak detection

4. Start leak detection: place the pipeline leak detector's sensor above the pipe and move it according to the instructions, starting from the pipe outlet and gradually moving inside the pipe to find the location of the leak. When the pipeline leak detector emits a sound or displays an abnormal signal, it means that a leak is found.

5. Confirm the location of the leak: When the pipeline leak detector makes a sound or shows an abnormal signal, you need to use other tools (such as a brush coated with soapy water) to confirm the location of the leak. Bubbles will be generated at the leak point because the pressure in the pipe is pushing the water through the leak.

pipeline leak detection

6. Repair the pipe: Once the location of the leak is identified, the leak needs to be repaired immediately to prevent more water waste and further damage to the home. If the family is not capable of repairing, you can consult a professional to do so.

In short, the process of home pipeline leak detection is simple and easy to follow. With the help of pipeline leak detector, we can quickly find the location of the leak and take timely action to repair the leak, thus saving water and reducing household expenses. Note that it is important to follow the operating rules to ensure safety and accuracy during use.


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