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Pipeline leak detector indoor pipeline leak detection process

Views: 14     Author: pqwt     Publish Time: 2022-11-08      Origin: PQWT

A. First, the process of receiving a call from a customer who needs to ask.

1、First of all, ask the customer how to know the water leak at home (for preliminary investigation)

pipe leak detector

2、If there is a leak, ask if you know the direction of the pipe, and the pipe material

B. Leak detection process at home

1、Shut off all water in the house, observe whether the water meter is moving, if it is moving, it means there is a suspicion of water leakage. If the water meter does not move, it means that there is little suspicion of water leakage, but it is not 100% sure that there is no leakage (for example, the water meter does not move for micro-leakage, but the downstairs tenants reflect that there is leakage on the roof of their house), maybe there are other factors that are not caused by the pipeline.

pipe leak detector

2, into the house into the main valve off, and then all the house faucet, angle valve off, and then remove a faucet for pressure (generally play 6-8 kg pressure). If possible, it is best to remove all faucets in the house, with a plug plug (to avoid damage to the faucet), with special attention to the water heater must be removed from the inlet pipe. Pressure measurement, the pressure of the pipe mouth to try to stay away from the leaky area, to avoid interference with the pressure noise. (Note: there are also some cases can be directly from the water heater into the water pipe for pressure testing)

3, in general, first pressurize the cold water pipe, if the cold water pipe through the pressure test does not leak, but also the hot water pipe pressure-holding test to see if the hot water pipe leaks.

4, the pipeline pressure, according to the length of time to see whether the pressure drop, drop pressure, then you can determine the pipeline leakage suspicion, this we refer to answer the phone customer is how to know the home leak, to determine the owner of the water pipeline does exist after the leak, we need to understand the location of the owner's water pipeline and the direction of the situation.

C. How can we understand the location and direction of the owner's water mains? The general way are.

1、Find the owner to provide the water pipeline laying drawings during the renovation.

2、If there is no drawing, you can also be familiar with the general basics of pipe laying, so as to judge the direction of the pipe.

pipe leak detector

3, you can also use auxiliary detection tools for detection, such as the use of infrared thermal imager detection. First empty the cold water in the house pipes, then fill with high temperature hot water, through the infrared thermal imager to find the direction of the house pipes (in a few cases can also be directly through the thermal imager to find the leak point)

After determining the water pipeline leakage and knowing the direction of the water pipeline, you can start the ranking work, focusing on ranking the exposed position of the pipeline, tee, elbow and other places to see if there are any abnormalities to find the area of leakage.

D. The use of water leak detection instruments in the pipeline inspection.

pipe leak detector

After investigating the suspicious leakage area, you can start to use the pipe leakage detection instrument for detection (not all cases can be investigated to the suspicious leakage area through auxiliary methods, in the case of not being investigated, it is necessary to conduct a comprehensive inspection of the house pipeline).

pipe leak detector

1, first, with the pqwt pipe leak detector in the "census" mode of the entire pipeline detection, through the headset sound and the instrument screen cursor signal display, find the suspected leak point of the pipe. In the same situation (not leaky pipe location) headset sound and instrument spectrum signal are relatively consistent. But in the pipeline leak location, the headset sound and instrument spectrum signal will appear abnormal (headset sound will appear higher volume and other phenomena, the instrument spectrum signal will also appear persistently higher situation). Compare the headphone sound and spectrum signal in the abnormal, to determine the suspected leak point.

pipe leak detector

2, in order to verify the accuracy of the "suspected leak", you can use the "positioning" mode in the pipe leak detector again to detect. Take the suspected leakage point as the center, extend to both ends to check the comparison, and determine the strongest signal point as the "suspected leakage point" (that is, the excavation point).

Select the "positioning" mode to verify the detection again: divide the pipe into several points along the line, for example, the distance of each point is 10 cm (the distance of each point is determined according to the actual situation in the house), and there are sixteen signal grids, each of which can record the signal value of a point. Press the "first signal grid" for detection, the screen will appear a vertical set of thin and thick bars of the spectrum, thin bars indicate the real-time environmental noise, will be with the external noise changes have been up and down. The coarse bar indicates the sound coming from the ground, and after the coarse bar is stabilized, click the "first signal frame" position on the screen again to lock the signal bar of the spectrum. According to this method, the pipe leak detector sensor along the pipeline forward, and then press the screen "the second signal frame", the next point to detect. And so on, compare the height of the thick bar of each detection point, the highest thick bar point is the "suspected leak point". (When the number at the top of the thick tone is red, it means that the data is being collected; when the thick body is stable, click again on the corresponding signal grid, the number turns black, indicating that the collection of the point is complete; note that the sensor cannot be moved during the collection process; the gain, and frequency cannot be changed in the same set of data, the parameters are different, which will affect the accuracy)

pipe leak detector

Through the pipeline leak detection instrument "census mode, positioning mode" two methods of detection, the final results point to the same "suspected leak point", then you can determine the location of the water pipeline leak point (that is, the excavation point).

pipe leak detector