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Pipeline leak detector provides water leak detection methods for enterprises

Views: 0     Author: pqwt     Publish Time: 2023-03-13      Origin: PQWT

Underground water pipe leak detection is a comprehensive and complex work, need to use a combination of ground sound intensity and audio with detection, pipeline sound intensity and pipeline distance sound intensity audio detection and other methods, comprehensive analysis of valve bolt detection, road detection, related detection and other testing methods, the results of the exact location of the leak. Have the water leakage, water seepage detection personnel and detection equipment, can be in a short time, find the exact location of underground leaks, water seepage, according to different leakage, the development of different maintenance programs, the right symptoms, the solution to the problem of water leakage.

pipeline leak detector

When hearing the sound of water leak detection in the pipeline, generally speaking, the sound of leakage generated by a large leak than the sound of seepage generated by a small leak, but the leak is too large, the sound of leakage instead of small, therefore, we can not think that the sound of leakage heard is large, the amount of leakage is large, and sometimes the actual situation is just the opposite. The zoning method of water leak detection can divide the leak into faults according to the size of the leak, so it can be done: control the big leak and eliminate it first.

Experience shows that 80% of the total water leakage is caused by 20% of the large leak points. Therefore, large leak points can be eliminated as soon as possible to better control leak consumption and reduce the leak rate, while zoned leak detection can greatly improve the speed of leak detection.

The so-called zoning leak detection method is: is the main application of flowmeter leak detection. First, close the valve connected to the area, so that the area is separated from other areas, and then use the end of the fire hose to connect to the hydrant in the isolation area, the other end connected to the flowmeter test device; then, the second fire hose end connected to the hydrant in other areas, the other end connected to the flowmeter test device, * open the hydrant, connected to the isolation area pipe network water supply. With the help of the flow meter, the flow rate in the area is measured and you can get the amount of water leaking at a certain pressure. If there is a leak, you can find out which part of the pipe is leaking by closing the valve in that area accordingly.

pipeline leak detector

PQWT-L50 type home pipeline leak detector is a new generation of intelligent leak detector developed by our institute independently and specially for home pipeline leakage. The instrument is designed with double probes, equipped with horizontal sensors and vertical sensors, suitable for different detection environments such as indoor floors, walls and cabinets, etc. By capturing the sound of water leakage and collecting and analyzing the water leakage signal, it achieves the effect of accurate positioning and effectively solves the problem of water leakage in household pipes.