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PQWT-CL900 Leakage Detector: Innovative Technology Leads to a New Chapter in Leakage Detection

Views: 7     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2023-11-07      Origin: Site

In today's industrial environment, leakage detection of pressure pipelines is an important safety issue. Traditional leak detection methods often rely on manual inspection or a single leak detector, but these methods have certain limitations. In order to solve these problems, Hunan Puchi Geological Exploration Equipment Research Institute has launched the PQWT-CL900 leak detector, which leads the new technology trend with its innovative fully automated design and accurate leak detection capability.


PQWT-CL900 water leakage detector is a fully automated water leakage detector with superior performance, which overcomes the problem of misjudgment caused by liquid or gas flow rate or pressure changes in the pipeline that exists in a single leakage detector. The instrument adopts advanced wireless communication technology and synchronized sampling technology, which can be detected without touching the pipeline, avoiding the limitation of inserting the traditional leak detector into the pipeline.

The specific pipeline leakage detection method includes: arranging a group of samplers in a line array or matrix in the leakage detection area of the pipeline; setting the working mode of the host computer in the wireless mode, and then instructing the samplers in the group to collect the data at the same time; storing the sampling data of each sampler in chunks according to the number of the sampler; and accurately determining the location of the leakage by comparing and analyzing the synchronous sampling data of each sampler. This method can eliminate the influence of factors such as liquid and gas flow rate and pressure changes in the pipeline on the detection results, and improve the accuracy and reliability of detection.

The appearance of PQWT-CL900 leakage detector provides a brand new solution for leakage detection of pressure pipelines. By overcoming the limitations of traditional methods, this instrument is able to realize more accurate and reliable water leakage detection for industrial safety. Its appearance marks a new era of water leakage detection technology, providing a more reliable guarantee for the safety and stability of industrial production.