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Recommended pipe leak detector

Views: 3     Author: pqwt     Publish Time: 2023-03-15      Origin: PQWT

Where there are people, there are pipeline leaks, and the dense underground pipelines are like the vascular network of the human body, such as household water pipeline, household floor heating pipelines, urban fire pipelines, urban water supply pipelines, urban heating pipelines, these pipelines cause long-term leaks because of aging pipelines, poor construction quality, etc., which have caused direct and huge economic losses to the country, units, enterprises and individuals. It is a serious problem faced by the world to find the location of water leakage in the pipe network, and the huge market of leak detection is also obvious and its market prospect is beyond our estimation.

 pipe leak detector

PQWT-L series multi-functional pipe leak detector is a new generation of intelligent leak detector specially developed by our institute for pressure pipe leaks. This series of instruments is suitable for leak detection of external network water, fire fighting, heating pipes and household water and floor heating pipes, which can achieve the effect of accurate positioning by collecting and analyzing the sound and leak signal at the leak, effectively solving the problem of water leaks in external network and household pressure pipes .

 pipe leak detector

PQWT-L series pipe leak detector can be optional vertical sensor, horizontal sensor, medium sensor and large sensor, through the use of sensors to pipe leak sound and signal acquisition, the collected signal through the host processing, in the form of signal column and spectrum displayed on the host page, while the sound will also be output through the host to the anti-noise headphones, by "listening ", "see" two ways to combine analysis to determine the leak point.

 pipe leak detector

Pipe leak detector positioning mode description.

(1) the screen can simultaneously display 16 points of the collection of information, by clicking any position within the corresponding point column bar box can lock the signal column and refresh the signal column, the signal column above the corresponding signal value display.

(2) A total of 16 bars from left to right, which need to start from 01 when detecting.

(3) The bars are divided into coarse bars and fine bars, the coarse bars are the collected stable signal, and the fine bars are the environmental transient signal, which will change with the external environment. We mainly observe the coarse bar signal.

(4) Click anywhere in the box of the corresponding point bar will appear a blue bar, the signal value will appear above the bar, the color is red, the instrument begins to detect the stable signal.

(5) to wait for the thick bar signal column completely stable after no return, and then click any position in the bar box, the blue bar will be locked stationary. At this time, the color of the signal value is shown in black, representing the locked state, indicating that the measurement point has been detected. Click anywhere in the bar box again to refresh the bar to re-detect, you can repeat the operation in order to confirm whether the point signal is true and effective.

(6) use the positioning mode in the suspected water leakage area of the relevant points to collect the signal comparison, positioning mode can collect 16 points, each detection point can be directly compared with the signal column, as shown in Figure 7 and Figure 8 above, from left to right to detect and compare the signal strength of each point in turn, when the measured point thick column bar, the largest value, you can judge that the place is the leakage point.

(7) Click to generate a picture of each point detected in the positioning mode and export to SD card. The status bar has an indication of the export progress.