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Study on the variation law of the measured signal of natural electric field ground water detector and the source of the signal

Views: 5     Author: pqwt     Publish Time: 2022-10-31      Origin: PQWT

In order to explore the variation law of the measured signal and analyze the source of the signal, we conducted a test of the variation process of the signal using the triple-frequency method of the Puchi ground water detector. The measurement point was fixed, the pole distance was 10 meters, and the gain was measured with 0 gear once every hour, starting from 5:00, until 21:00, for a total of 17 hours.

ground water detector

I, test conditions.

1, test time: Friday, April 16, 2021, sunrise time at 5:28 and sunset time at 18:38 that day.

2, the test site: Weifang City, Kuiwen District, Middle School Street, Water Resources Bureau dormitory, located in the center of Weifang City.

3, electromagnetic environment: high speed rail is about 3 km from the test site, no factories within 3 km, all residential areas, stores, schools, hospitals, institutions, hotels, office buildings and other non-industrial units, no power electricity, all 220 volt electricity users. The nearest transformer and high-voltage line is 200 meters from the test site.

Second, the signal change law.

The ground water detector signal change process line is shown in the attached figure above. The point number of the horizontal coordinate in the figure happens to be the whole point of the 24-hour time system used in the measurement.

From the ground water detector graph, the following patterns can be found.

1. During the 17 hours, the minimum value appears at 5:00 am, before sunrise.

2. The maximum value appears at 19:00 (i.e. 7:00 pm).

3, 13 o'clock is the only small trough point in the whole line.

4、Except for 12 and 13 o'clock, 9 to 17 o'clock (i.e., 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.) is the most stable time during the day.

5、5~9 and 17~19 (i.e. 5~7 in the evening) are the periods with the fastest increasing values.

6, 19 to 21 points (i.e., 7 to 9 pm) is a period of time after sunset when the value is the largest but the change is more stable.

On the second day, we checked the values of several time points, and the pattern was the same as the first day.

ground water detector

Third, the analysis of the causes of the signal change pattern.

From the above law, it is easy to see that the size and change of the ground water detector value is closely related to the regional social electricity consumption in a larger area. 170 Hz, for example, appears at 19:00 with a maximum value of 3.6 and at 5:00 with a minimum value of 1.2. The difference between the two is 3 times, which happens to be the peak and trough of social electricity consumption. The difference between the two is 3 times, which is exactly the peak and trough of social electricity consumption. When the social electricity consumption is large, the sympathetic electromagnetic waves and stray currents generated are large, the measured signal is strong and the value is large, and vice versa, the value is small.

The above changes in the value of ground water detector coincide perfectly with the changes in social electricity consumption mainly in urban residential areas: before 5:00 am, most people have not yet woken up, and social electricity consumption is inevitably the lowest. From 12 to 13 noon is the time for lunch, and there is a small trough in social electricity consumption. 8 to 18 (except for lunch time) is the working time of most units, and the electricity consumption is larger but more stable. 18 o'clock is followed by cooking and lighting, and electricity consumption gradually increases until 19 to 21 o'clock, when TV watching, street lighting and urban night life reach their peak, and it is understandable that electricity consumption reaches the highest time of the day. Of course this may only be the law of electricity consumption in urban residential areas, but not necessarily in rural and factory areas, so the law of change of the sky power signal may be different in other places.

The sky power signal is unstable during the day, sometimes changing fast and sometimes more stable. With this in mind, it may be better to choose a more stable time period for the measurement work. If the first day only measured once need to go to the next day to retest, it is also best to arrange the same time to retest.

Third, the ground water detector astronomical signal source analysis.

For the sky electricity signal source, in the literature on the spread of the statement: "natural electromagnetic waves mainly from the solar magnetic explosion (black sub activity), the Earth's geomagnetic pulsation, the three equatorial minefields, strong storms, etc.". Whether or not these sources exist is beyond the scope of our research, and we do not dispute that. But whether they are the "main" sources, we disagree. If these sources are real, they are minimal, more unstable, change instantaneously, and may even be the source of interference like "flying spots".

Many users in Tibet, Xinjiang, deserts, prairies, forests and other areas without electricity when measuring, even hard rocks, the measured signal is particularly small, only 0.00 a few, or even 0 value. According to the above statement, there is no electromagnetic interference, only those "sky guests", should signal better, the fact is the opposite, which is enough to prove that those "sky guests" are not the "main ", is dispensable. The main source should be the secondary electromagnetic wave signal caused by social electricity in a larger area, it is more accurate to call it "social electricity caused by artificial electric field".

The ground water detector signal instability caused by sometimes measuring once a kind of problem how to overcome, it is understood that the Hunan Puqi geological exploration equipment research institute is studying to solve.

Conclusion: not book-based, not top-based, only realistic.