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The bathroom is always leaking, what is the solution

Views: 0     Author: pqwt     Publish Time: 2023-02-01      Origin: PQWT

Cities are modernizing faster and faster, and every city has accelerated the construction of buildings. Residents encounter a variety of problems every day, of which floor leaks are the primary problem, with bathroom leaks both affecting daily life and difficult to rework, so they can be considered the biggest headache. So, what should you do if your bathroom leaks? What are the preventive and remedial measures?

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Bathroom leaks upstairs how to find out the leak point

1、Pipe leaks


Waterproof layer leakage can use the Puchi pipe leak detector to find out the leak, pipe leak detector its principle is "when a leak, pressure water from the pipe crack outward injection, due to pressure water and the friction between the rupture gap between the pipe mouth and vibration will cause injection noise. It will spread along the pipeline to both sides and diffusive way to the ground up" with the pipeline leak detector sensor in the pipeline above the road to detect, to find the purpose of the leak.

2、Waterproof layer leakage


Waterproof layer leakage can use Puch waterproof detector to find the leak, the instrument works: through the wall, ground, roof seepage of water as a medium, the use of waterproof detector to detect the strength of the conductivity of the seepage area, when close to the leak, the instrument interface value increases, the beeping sound to strengthen, thus accurately determine the location of the leak. The equipment is mainly used in houses, walls, floors and other water leakage can effectively provide a basis for waterproofing work to carry out the discriminatory.

How to do about water leaks in the bathroom upstairs

1, to find out the age of the building construction, if it is a new house, usually cement materials, waterproofing materials and other problems, then the need to renovate, if it is an old house, it is usually because of cracks caused.

2、Clean up the place where the leakage occurs, find out the leakage factor of the base, and choose waterproofing materials for backup.

3, for the leaky parts of the waterproofing construction treatment, you can repair the cracks, in the construction process, pay attention to add additional layers to ensure greater safety.

4, after the construction of waterproofing layer, do polymer waterproofing material coating on the surface to truly waterproof and leak-proof.

5, within 24 hours of construction, you can do a test to verify whether the successful repair of leaks, such as successful surface repair work can be completed, such as painting walls, tiles, etc.

6, for leak repair considerations, if you ask a professional construction team to deal with the word, often package, in addition to the price of repair also varies greatly, with the cause of the leak and the difficulty of construction to determine, so do not rush and impulsive when you encounter a leak in the upstairs bathroom.

Preventive and remedial measures for bathroom leaks

A, preventive measures :

1, in the house renovation, not to destroy the original waterproof layer. If the ground is damaged when renovating the waterproof layer, then it should be repaired in time to avoid leaving hidden problems.

2, in the replacement of bathroom floor tiles, waterproofing must be done, first leveling with cement mortar, then waterproofing. , ,

3, the wall waterproofing work is not qualified will also leave the bathroom leakage of the hidden trouble. General treatment wall to do 30CM high waterproofing treatment, non-load-bearing light walls can be a whole wall waterproofing, at least to 1.8 meters high.

Second, remedial measures:

1、First find out the floor and the gap with the wall, please masonry, will be its leakage of water to re-process, but the amount of work is larger, naturally, the cost is also a lot.

2, the use of glass glue will fill the gap, but the glass glue after a long time also easy to shrink, moldy black, resulting in water leakage again, not only affect the overall decorative effect, while mold will also be detrimental to human health.

3, the use of plastic mud caulking, although there is no negative effect of glass glue, but plastic mud caulking its construction is more complex, generally difficult for individuals to deal with, such as improper construction operations, it is necessary to rework, once the rework is more difficult to deal with, the cost is too high.