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The causes and solutions of water pipe leaks

Views: 13     Author: pqwt     Publish Time: 2022-06-16      Origin: pqwt

Water pipe leaks are actually similar to water pipe seepage, water pipe leaks are annoying enough, if it is serious, it will affect the normal use of water, but the slightest is also to get everywhere very wet! To solve the plumbing leak first to figure out the material of the water pipe and the reason for the leak. There are various materials of water pipes, such as iron, plastic. Leakage is also a variety of situations, there are minor leaks, there are also serious leaks. Here we take a look at the causes of water pipe leaks.


Water leakage is a long-term problem faced by property communities, large universities, enterprises and 

 waste of water is not only a waste of valuable natural resources, but also a great economic loss and negative impact on city residents, property communities, large universities, enterprises and institutions, etc. Water leaks from fire hoses are a great safety hazard.


Detailed observation method: the soil around the leak point because of the high water content, cohesion reduction, often appear the phenomenon of ground subsidence, from which the leak point can be speculated. Test method: there are many kinds, try one or two as follows: physical magnetization of water quality, after a period of time, stopping water drainage, using magnetization detection equipment along the line of detection, the analysis of the abnormal area.

 Pipeline leak detector

Known pipe material and length, the pipe leak detecto2.1can calculate the location of the leak point. When using a pipe leak detector for leak detection, two acceleration sensors are placed on the same pipe. Sound and hearing detection: above the pipeline in the survey area to be reasonably selected according to the site conditions detection distance, the relevant measurements to identify the target pipeline direction and connection. Water leak detection machine according to the "S" route along the pipeline to the interval of 0.5 ~ 1.0m for audio monitoring. Pipeline leak detector detection method is currently a more advanced method of how much a fire hose leak detection. Record the time difference between the sound of water leaks reaching the two sensors. The sound emitted from the leak will propagate to the left and right sides at a certain speed.