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The precise way to find groundwater sources when drilling water wells

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  For places where there is no sufficient water source, groundwater resources can be used, which involves drilling wells to find water. Grasping the general rules and characteristics of groundwater distribution will play a special role in drilling wells to find water. Adequate amount of water and good water quality is certainly the effect we are looking forward to. The amount of groundwater is related to the lithological structure, topographic and geomorphological conditions and recharge sources, and seems to have some correlation with the terrain. Therefore, it is especially important to introduce to you the experience of finding water to provide some knowledge for finding water sources to drill water wells in drought-prone areas.

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One of the main reasons why there are many abandoned wells in some places and no water or little water is that the well site is inaccurate and the depth is not suitable. Therefore, it is important to grasp the general laws of the terrain and water system. According to the composition of the lithology of the aquifer, can be divided into bedrock broken belt or weathering belt aquifer, carbonate karst aquifer and the fourth system of loose rock system pore aquifer 3 kinds; aquifer water storage size mainly depends on the thickness of the aquifer and lithology composition. The greater the thickness of the aquifer, the more coarse the composition of the rock and soil particles, the greater the water storage capacity.


For example, in the hilly areas of Sichuan, the weathered fissure water aquifer is generally at a depth of 20-30 meters. For the well site is mainly to find the right "spring", looking for water song: "two mountains sandwich a mouth, underground there must be water", "gravel with water, red stone under the dry Bang Bang", "Bay to Bay, mouth (refers to the mouth of the mountain) to mouth, long flowing water", etc., mainly to say that the general drill holes are arranged in the foot of the ridge in the hill, hilly valley, depression or weathering fissure development and weathering fissure and tectonic fissure collusion. The skill of professional well drilling technology is to judge different water lines according to different strata.


To find water according to topographic features.


1, handful of land, looking for water favorable.


Three sides of the mountains around the handful of land, groundwater flow concentrated in the handful of mouth, so in the handful of mouth near the drilling well, more water.


2Two mountains sandwiched by a ditch, ditch rock with water flow.


Between two mountains sandwiched a ditch valley, in the river valley downstream of the two banks of the rock layer is easy to find water.


3Two ditches intersect, the spring is flowing.


Two ditches meet under the mouth of the mountain, there may be springs flowing, where the well, the water source is more reliable. And to achieve the purpose of finding water. Playing the source of groundwater is the rain falls to the ground, part of the seepage into the underground accumulation in the fissures of the soil and rock, it becomes groundwater.

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