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The principle of natural electric field ground water detector method of physical detection of water

Views: 22     Author: pqwt     Publish Time: 2022-10-19      Origin: PQWT

There are many methods of physical water detector, all of them have their own strengths, but the effect for finding bedrock fracture water is not satisfactory, now we finally found a good method for finding fracture water in bedrock areas - natural electric field frequency selection method (referred to as natural electric field ground water detector).

ground water detector

Why is natural electric field ground water detector good for water measurement? Why is it becoming more and more popular? What is the principle of it?

Electrical exploration commonly used resistivity method of water measurement for electrical logging and ground electrical measurement (including electrical bathymetry, high-density electrical method, various profiling methods, etc.). The discriminatory ability of ground electric measurement is much less than that of electric logging. The natural electric field ground water detector has better resolution and more advantages compared with other ground electric logging methods, and its principle is closer to that of electric logging wells.

In order to explain the principle of natural electric field ground water detector, we first briefly introduce the practice of electric logging: first drill the borehole, use the cable to send three electrodes into the well, one electrode buried on the well, the three electrodes under the well is called electrode system, according to the arrangement of these three electrodes and the polar distance of the different electrode system is divided into potential and gradient electrode system. The electrode system is lifted 1 meter once (point measurement method) to obtain a geological data, and then lifted once more to obtain another data, until lifted to the wellhead, the bottom-up geological changes of the well can be analyzed.

ground water detector

Compared with this, pqwt natural electric field ground water detector does not need drilling, no cable, electromagnetic waves automatically "drill" into the ground, the frequency of different electromagnetic waves into the depth of different, each change in frequency is equivalent to electric logging lift and measure a depth of geological data. With 150 instruments, for example, 33 frequencies are equivalent to measuring a corresponding depth of data every 4.5 meters on average. A measurement point is similar to an electric logging well, and the data obtained from each "electric logging well" will be linked together to draw contour lines to become a profile, so it can reflect every detail of each depth of each measurement point.

Hunan pqwt research institute took the lead in the development of natural electric field ground water detector of three frequency measurement for multi-frequency profile, the development of computer mapping for automatic map, instrumentation, high accuracy and good results, it is indeed a revolutionary method compared with various resistivity method of ground electric measurement, especially suitable for finding bedrock fracture water, and therefore more and more popular by the physical prospecting water search personnel, its superiority is Its superiority is irreplaceable by any other physical prospecting methods. Because the geological conditions are very different, so the measured astrographic map is also very different, as the saying goes, "thousands of people, thousands of faces, thousands of pictures", how to correctly interpret the astrographic map is not a light matter, it requires some practical hard work.