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The working principle of pipeline leak detector

Views: 2     Author: pqwt     Publish Time: 2023-02-24      Origin: PQWT

In recent years, with the gradual development of China's urban water supply, the management level of urban water supply pipeline network has been greatly improved. However, it should be noted that no matter how advanced the management level is, leakage of urban water supply pipeline network is inevitable. Leakage of urban water supply network will not only lead to a significant increase in water production cost and unnecessary water supply, but also cause huge economic loss, even ground collapse and damage to urban house foundation. Therefore, it is necessary to analyze the leaks and causes of urban water supply network, and adopt effective detection methods to control the leaks in order to reduce water supply costs and save water resources. Therefore, pipeline leak detector is extremely important, the following is the introduction of the working principle of pipeline leak detector.

pipeline leak detector

Pipeline leak detector

(1) accurate positioning of water leakage instrument principle of work: water supply pipeline leakage, the water sprayed out of the pipe and leakage friction, as well as with the surrounding media and other impacts, will occur in different frequencies of vibration, heating pipe leak detector, resulting in the sound of leakage. In the pipeline break, water leakage will constitute a sound wave and sine curve method to both sides of the pipeline, and cause the pipeline vibration, at the same time, the rapid spray of water in the fracture, the impact of the media around the pipe, thus producing the existence of a special frequency of the leak sound, from the surrounding media and pipeline spread to the ground. Identify the leakage point in the water supply network, individual leakage precision positioning instrument with the leak sound method of detecting the leakage point, which is the fundamental principle of leak detection.

(2) The types of water leakage sound can usually be divided into three kinds.

pipeline leak detector

① Leak friction sound: refers to the water ejected from the pipe and the sound generated by the friction of the leak, its frequency is usually 300 ~ 2500Hz, and spread along the pipe to a certain distance, the propagation interval is usually related to the water pressure ﹑ pipe ﹑ pipe diameter ﹑ interface ﹑ the size of the leak shape. In a certain range, you can hear the sound of leaks in the door, fire hydrant and other exposed points.

② head impact sound: is the sound generated by water and surrounding media hitting the pipeline of the spray, and diffused to the ground through the soil in the shape of a funnel, can be obtained in the ground leak detector or listening rod, the frequency is usually 100 ~ 1500? Hertz. Tap water pipeline leak detector.

③ Media friction sound: It is the sound generated by the water ejected from the pipeline driving the surrounding particles (such as soil particles, sand grains, etc.) to collide with each other, and its frequency is low, which can be heard and measured when inserted into the listening rod near the underground leak, which provides the basis for the final confirmation of the leak. When using common leak detection equipment to capture these three sounds, the leak is accurately located.

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