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Underground pipeline detector fixed depth method

Views: 3     Author: pqwt     Publish Time: 2023-03-17      Origin: PQWT

Urban underground pipelines are increasingly interlaced and dense, and the categories of pipelines, materials, construction methods, etc. are constantly changing, which increases the difficulty of pipeline detection. The detection of urban underground pipelines is mainly based on the material of pipelines, outcropping points and different ways of landfill for the selection of exploration methods to find and accurately measure the path, direction, plane position, burial depth and other four pipeline parameters of underground pipelines on the ground.

Underground pipeline detector

1、Direct reading method

Underground pipeline detector uses the upper and lower two horizontal coils to measure the gradient of the electromagnetic field, and the gradient of the electromagnetic field is related to the burial depth, press the receiver to measure the depth of the button, in the digital table head directly read out the burial depth of underground pipelines. This method is simple and has high accuracy under simple conditions. Generally under the complex conditions such as dense pipeline, the data of direct reading bathymetry can only be used as reference data.

2、70% narrow peak method

When the flat direction of the target pipeline is roughly determined, precise positioning, adjust the gain key of the underground pipeline detector, adjust the signal strength to a suitable value (preferably a certain amount from the full value of the signal) and remember the value, move the receiver to both sides of the pipeline respectively, when the signal value of the receiver shows 70% of the suitable value, make a mark on the ground, the distance between the two points is the exact depth of the center of the pipeline to the ground. 70% Narrow peak method bathymetry is used for accurate bathymetry of complex conditions.

3、Auxiliary bathymetry method

Minimal value method for accurate pipeline positioning, the receiver and the ground at an angle of 45 ° for vertical pipeline direction translation, when the magnetic field signal displayed on the receiver is reduced to half in the target pipeline is above, at this time the location of the bottom center of the receiver to the target pipeline on the ground positioning point spacing should be equal to the distance from the center of the pipeline to the ground. Field operations 45 ° angle is difficult to grasp, therefore, underground pipeline detector is generally rarely used in the actual work of 45 ° method.

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