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Underground pipeline leak detection methods and equipment

Views: 66     Author: PQWT     Publish Time: 2022-09-07      Origin: pqwt

Underground pipeline leak detection is currently used more methods for: listening to the sound method, acoustic vibration method, which we usually say that the pipeline leak detector / leak detector different methods have advantages and defects, the following is a few underground pipeline leak detection methods for your reference, I hope you will help.

pipeline leak detector

1、Regional installed meter method

Refers to a certain area in the water supply network, the flow meter into this area and out of this area of the flow meter statistics, the difference must be the unmeasured loss of this area, if no other unmeasured consumption, it can be known that the leakage loss of this area, which will be "in the mind" to the manager. The more dense the metered segmentation area, the clearer the segmentation, the clearer the understanding of each section of the leakage situation. However, it is not possible to install meters too densely. This method can not determine the exact location of the leak, so it can not be used as the basis for specific repair, breaking open the road.

Key points: water leakage caused by poor measurement.

2, listening to the sound method, sound vibration method

pipeline leak detector

Listening to the sound method refers to the use of some kind of sound transmission tool to listen to the sound of water leakage, according to the size and sound quality characteristics of the leak to determine the location of the leak, from simple mechanical listening to the leak stick to all kinds of listening to the sound pipe leak detector, this method in essence should be called the sound vibration method. At present, the development is quite rapid, is the most common and effective method applied at home and abroad, but also this manual will focus on the introduction of the method. Related pipe leak detector should also belong to the acoustic vibration method system.

Key points: water leakage triggers vibration and sound effects.

3, infrared method.

pipeline leak detector

Infrared thermal imaging detection using photoelectric technology to detect the infrared specific wavelength signal of the thermal radiation of the object, the signal is converted into images and graphics that can be distinguished for human vision, in the pipe network area for infrared scanning measurement, underground leakage occurs, the local territory and the surrounding temperature difference, infrared radiation situation will be different, infrared images will reflect this difference use this difference can be found leak, noting that due to underground drainage The water conditions may vary due to other factors. Infrared radiation can also be generated by non-leakage factors, so the application of this method is also limited.

Key points: leakage triggered by infrared radiation local changes (temperature effect).

4、Related leak detection method

I n principle, it is a transplantation technique based on the acoustic vibration method, which belongs to the acoustic vibration method. The vibration caused by the leak point propagates along the pipe to both sides, and the sensors placed at different distances on both sides receive the sound waves from the leak point at a certain moment will have a time difference, which is determined by the speed of sound of the pipe and the location of the leak point. Its outstanding advantage is the use of pipe sound transmission is good, measured directly in the official channel and calculated by the instrument fixed point, excluding the human experience factor, but also to avoid the detector must hold the tool to the measurement point above the problem, its practical difficulties lies in the constraints of the conditions, there must be two sensors placed in direct contact with the pipeline point, but also to the state of the pipe is very clear: including alignment, bending, pipe diameter, sound in different pipes The propagation speed and sound transmission conditions should be good. Another factor is that it is expensive and requires a certain amount of computer application technology for the operator. At present there are a variety of foreign models related to the detector, sold in the domestic market, the domestic large water companies also have a number of applications, but because China's pipeline network and no special detection points, poor conditions, the application is quite inconvenient, the effect is not yet ideal, can not replace other detection means to fully complete the detection task.

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