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Ways to find leaks in leaky pipes

Views: 6     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2023-07-28      Origin: Site

Leaking pipes in the home are a common problem that can cause unnecessary damage. In this article, we'll cover some ways to find leaks to help you quickly and accurately locate the leak so you can fix it.


Method 1: Visual Inspection

In the case of pipe leakage, you can initially determine the leakage point by observing whether there are water stains, scale, rupture, poor connection, etc. in the piping connection, water pipe surface and other parts of the pipe.

Method 2: Auditory Inspection

In the case of pipe leakage, the leakage point can be found by listening to the sound of water flow. Put your ear on the pipe, or use tools such as a stethoscope to hear the leak more clearly.

Method 3: Test Strips

In the case of a leaky pipe, you can use test paper to detect the leak. Put the test paper on the place where the water may leak, and observe whether the test paper becomes wet, so as to find the leakage point.

Method 4: Instrument detection


In the case of pipe leakage, you can use instruments to detect the leakage point. For example, the use of ultrasonic instruments, infrared instruments, etc., can quickly and accurately find the leak.

Summarize: when looking for pipeline leakage points, you can choose the appropriate method according to the specific situation. If you cannot solve the problem by yourself, it is recommended to seek professional help.