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Well drilling and water finding a common problem analysis!

Views: 7     Author: pqwt     Publish Time: 2022-12-09      Origin: PQWT

Well drilling and water finding accidents are caused by poor inspection, irregular operation, improper measures to deal with downhole complications or carelessness, resulting in adverse consequences such as drilling tool breakage, well drilling and water finding stall, well drilling and water finding blockage, well blowout and fire. So, what are the common problems in well drilling and water finding? The following is a detailed description of the geological aspects, as shown below.

ground water detector

1. Factors affecting the speed of mechanical drilling.

(1) Drilling water finding pressure, speed and drilling water finding fluid discharge; (2) Nature of drilling water finding fluid; (3) Hydraulic power size of the drill bit; (4) Rock drillability and drill bit type.

2. The overflow in the well-drilling water search process indicates that.

(1) the increase of the reservoir level of the drilling water search fluid; (2) the acceleration of the flow rate at the outlet of the drilling water search fluid; (3) the acceleration of the drilling speed or becoming empty; (4) the decrease of the circulation pressure of the drilling water search fluid; (5) the indication of oil, gas and water in the well; (6) the change of the performance of the drilling water search fluid at the outlet.

3. About the downhole complications in the drilling and water search.

Improper selection of the type and performance of the drilling water search fluid and poor quality of the well body during the drilling water search process lead to downhole blockage and stuck drilling, as well as serious jumping, leakage and well blowout during the drilling water search process, making it impossible to maintain normal drilling water search and other operations.

4. About oil test.

After drilling a well to find water and discovering an oil and gas formation, it is necessary to allow oil and gas to flow from the bottom of the well to the surface and to obtain dynamic information about oil and gas production and pressure as well as the nature of oil and gas and water, which is called an oil (gas) test.

This is an introduction to frequently asked questions related to drilling wells for water, thanks for reading! If you need, welcome to call us for more information!

ground water detector

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