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Well drilling and water search construction must understand some matters!

Views: 11     Author: pqwt     Publish Time: 2023-02-13      Origin: PQWT

Well-drilling to find water team in the depth of the project construction, the construction site must have strict standards and safeguards to ensure the safety, reliability and smooth implementation of the entire well-drilling to find water project, the next article will talk to you about the construction points that must be noted in the well-drilling to find water project.

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1. Fire safety.

In the site and residential areas, well-drilling to find water team must develop a management system of gates and patrols, and wear duty signs, in and out of the construction site need to show documents, strictly prohibit the outside world at will. At the same time, to further strengthen the standardized management of construction units, to grasp the number of personnel, types of work, the development of safety management fire safety agreement. Fire safety equipment is fully equipped in accordance with relevant standards, flammable and explosive storage points should have professional fire safety measures; construction sites and residential areas should be built to meet the requirements of the building fire prevention standards, water allocation should be scientific and reasonable. The well-drilling and water-finding team must regularly provide in-depth safety management and fire safety education and training for employees, professional training for full-time firefighters, and set up safety channels at construction sites.

All types of machinery and equipment must also have special personnel to do a good job of maintenance, upkeep and regular in-depth routine inspection of key components of machinery and equipment to prevent the formation of equipment failure and unsafe behavior.

2、Drilling method.

Each professional well drilling to find water construction team in the use of well drilling to find water methods should be adapted to local conditions, first familiar with the operating environment, and then according to the different geological formations to distinguish different water lines.

The first method is balanced pressure drilling, which is a method of drilling to ensure that the pressure in the borehole is always equal to the pressure of the geological structure. The second method is jet drilling, which is a method of finding water by using a pressure fluid to increase the speed of mechanical drilling by using the hydraulic action of a high-speed water jet formed by a jet drill nozzle. The third is the way to fix the well, that is, add the appropriate specifications of the casing column on the well body, and add cement mortar around it, the casing fixed immovable well wall to prevent the collapse of the well wall. zui after the meaning of this method is to seal loose, easy to collapse, easy to leak and other complex soil layers; seal the oil, gas and water layer to avoid mutual tampering leakage; device wellhead, adjust the flow of oil and gas in order to facilitate well drilling to find water or production of oil and gas.

3, drilling wells to find water other considerations.

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First of all, before drilling a well to find water, as a well-drilling to find water units, the first thing to do is to master the natural environment of the subsurface, which is the only way to understand the natural environment and know what kind of work tasks to be carried out in depth in the next phase. This is because in the end, the underground geological environment is not exactly the same in many areas, and this time we must bring the pipe sleeve, which is undoubtedly meant to do a good job of protecting the drill bit, because if the natural environment underground is harsher and the rock formation is stronger, it will endanger the drill bit. The second step is to start and shut down the drilling rig, we use different processes with the drill bit, which means that we must change the bit from time to time, that is to say, to start and shut down the drill bit and to start the rig we must take care that the bit is raised above the road. Number three is equally important, and it is one of the more skilled aspects of a well drilling and water search crew. We must be familiar with the handling of the drilling and water finding slurry in the drilling and water finding project link, and we must use the drilling and water finding slurry as a lubricating fluid for the oil well in order to promote an effective and in-depth dialogue on oil well construction operations.

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