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What about leaking fire protection pipes?

Views: 3     Author: pqwt     Publish Time: 2023-01-09      Origin: PQWT

Fire protection piping is a piping material used for fire protection, connecting fire protection equipment and devices, and transporting water, gas or other fire extinguishing media. Due to special needs, fire protection pipes have special requirements for thickness and material and are painted red to transport water for fire fighting.

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How to find the leakage point of fire protection pipe leakage


The water leak detection vehicle is a high-precision and high-efficiency pressure pipeline network loss reduction leak detection equipment developed by Puchi Research Institute, which is mainly used for leak detection and inspection of water supply, heating, fire protection and other pipelines in a large area under the condition of known or unknown pipeline direction.

Working Principle

The equipment adopts B-P algorithm technology and is equipped with 20 wireless monitoring sensors to collect data from different areas, which are wirelessly transmitted to the central controller through signal repeater for efficient and rapid analysis, thus realizing automatic judgment and automatic screening of water leakage points. At the same time, real-time recording is also available, and the collected data can be exported and saved to facilitate the production of leak detection reports, these features make the inspection and management work more convenient. This equipment has been authorized by 13 invention and utility model patents

How to solve the water leakage of fire protection pipes

1. You can first cut off the water source, then remove the yin and yang nuts connecting the compression joint, wrap several layers of thread sealing tape around the threads, and then reinstall the joint.

2. Once the sleeve joint leaks, it may be necessary to remove the joint and reinstall a large number of water pipes, so it should be reported to the maintenance personnel for repair in time.

3. No matter what kind of water pipe joint leaks, you can first use special tape to repair the water pipe for temporary repair. The specific operation is: first close the valve, cut off the water supply, open the faucet to the right position, release most of the pressure in the water pipe, then use special tape to bind the leaking part, or use ring gas resin adhesive to seal it.

Fire pipes are very important in life, so for fire pipes on vacation, be sure to choose good quality pipes, and if inadvertently in life there is a leak, repair as soon as possible is the key. Fire pipeline leakage how to do, the above is the Shanghai fire pipeline inspection company for your introduction, while the classification of fire pipeline is what? Better remedy after understanding.