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What are the guiding tools for drilling wells to find water?

Views: 8     Author: pqwt     Publish Time: 2022-11-17      Origin: PQWT

In the process of drilling automatic control, downhole measurement and downhole automatic control are the key link and key technology, the combination of the two is actually the automatic control technology of borehole trajectory guided drilling technology. Guided drilling is mainly realized by guiding tools, which are mainly divided into two categories, and I will introduce them below.

ground water detector

(1) Sliding guidance tools

The sliding guidance tool is characterized by the fact that during the guidance operation, the drill column does not rotate, and the drill column advances with the drill bit and slides along the well wall. Sliding guidance has many disadvantages: the torque and friction of the drill column is high; the borehole is not thoroughly cleaned; the drilling speed of this tool is slow, etc., but it still dominates at present.

Directional drilling mostly uses downhole power drilling tools, and the main sliding guidance tools are: bending shell motor, adjustable bending joint, reducer stabilizer, etc. Sliding guiding tool combination:drilling column + MWD/LWD + power drilling tool + drill bit.

(2) Rotary guidance system (RSS)

The rotary guidance tool directly guides the drill bit along the expected trajectory, avoiding the drill column from sliding on the well wall and achieving a clean borehole, while allowing the selection of a suitable drill bit according to the formation. This can significantly reduce or eliminate the shortcomings of sliding guidance tools.

At present, the main rotary guidance tools are: VDS automatic vertical direct drilling system, SDD automatic direct drilling system, ADD automatic directional drilling system, RSD rotary guidance drilling system, RCLS rotary closed loop drilling system, etc.

Whether drilling artificial wells or drilling deep wells, packaged water and not packaged water price is not the same, packaged water need to take certain risks, so the price will be much higher than not packaged water, as a well drilling engineer, as long as you can find the right water level, and can locate, to do the bullet, then the project payment is not all to your account, the income is not up? The same as a party with a well, do not package the drilling of water wells also bear the risk of not hitting the water, and also need to pay the well drillers, is not some scratch it, this time the precise location of the water source is also very necessary.

It is not scientific to determine whether there is water in the ground by experience, it is normal to have water here and no water at some distance from the same piece of land, so you can use the ground water detector to determine the water source and locate the depth of the water source to solve the problem of finding water.

ground water detector

The principle of ground water detector used by the electric detection method is divided into artificial electric field method and natural (natural) electric field method. Artificial electric field includes DC power supply, excitation, controlled source and other professional methods, these methods are mostly used in all kinds of large geological census projects, involving thousands of lines and points, but the use of inconvenience, especially the transport of power supply devices, often requires a lot of manual. The natural electric field method has gradually matured after decades of research and application. It also requires people who are looking for water to have a lot of practical experience in the local environment, lithology, and has been well analysis in order to say white hair a hundred times.