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What are the hazards of pipeline leakage

Views: 23     Author: pqwt     Publish Time: 2022-05-30      Origin: pqwt

Pipeline network is an important infrastructure for enterprise construction, which plays a very important role in ensuring the stable development of enterprises and the improvement of people's living standards. However, the underground water supply network is a complex environment and the phenomenon of pipeline leakage is common.

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At present, China's water supply industry generally has the problem of pipeline leakage, the average water loss rate of about 20%, of which leakage accounts for about 50% of the water loss, and in some places the problem of pipeline leakage is even very serious, which greatly reduces the water supply efficiency of water supply enterprises.


Pipeline leakage will not only cause the waste of water resources, some even affect the normal production and life of people.

1, pipeline leakage can lead to water pollution. Leakage means that the pipeline is no longer a closed system. When the pressure inside the pipe is low or when the water stops, chemical pollution outside the pipe will enter the pipe. In special cases, the phenomenon of inhalation can also contaminate the water inside the pipe.


2Pipe leaks can cause the ground to collapse. A pipe leak can cause the soil to flow and meet the drain, soil is continuously lost, a hole is formed underground, the hole becomes larger and the ground collapses.


3Pipe leakage leads to lower water supply pressure. Pipe leakage means pressure leakage and the water supply pressure needed by users will be reduced. As cities grow, water supply pressure is becoming more and more difficult to ensure, and pipeline leaks complicate the management of water pressure in the pipeline network.


4Pipe leakage causes the groundwater level to rise. Urban water supply pipeline network coverage area, the groundwater level due to continuous leakage of pipelines, the groundwater level is high, the construction of underground projects face problems, winter ground freezing is also directly related to the groundwater level, all underground pipelines, the ground hard surface will not be uniform. Pipeline leaks lead to higher water supply costs for water suppliers. In addition to the direct cost of water production and delivery, water supply companies should also bear the cost of pipeline maintenance caused by leaks.


5Pipe leaks will make you pay more for water and cause unnecessary financial losses.

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