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What are the tools of pipe leak detector?

Views: 1     Author: pqwt     Publish Time: 2023-02-27      Origin: PQWT

Leak detection equipment is a key factor in the construction of the leak detection team, as the saying goes, "A clever woman cannot cook without rice". The nature, intensity and difficulty of leak detection work determine that passion and interest alone are not enough, and we need advanced equipment for leak detection. Equipment is the premise of technology, and technology is the guarantee of equipment. We can greatly improve the efficiency of leak detection only if we are equipped with a considerable number of leak detection equipment.

pipe leak detector

(1) Pipeline leak detector. Instrument using microcomputer digital control technology, large screen high-density dot matrix LCD display, Chinese operation interface is obviously intuitive. Automatic analysis of water leakage signals and external interference signals, is the ideal assistant for beginners. Mainly by the pickup, pre-amplifier, main amplifier, signal processing and power amplifier and other circuits, the final signal through the earphone, meter, LED light column three ways to the operator in the ear, eye listening and observation, by the operator to make a comprehensive judgment of the signal analysis of the leak location and leak size.

pipe leak detector

(2) Listening rod. Listening rod is used for water supply leak detection work of a most economical, simple portable leak detection tool, which is mainly composed of a listening tube, listening needle, piezoelectric ceramic vibration piece and other accessories. Its listening tube is made of nylon material by precision machining, and the listening needle is made of special steel. Its advantage is the sound quality is simple, no noise, easy to distinguish and sound intensity changes obviously, no additional electrical noise, the disadvantage is the labor intensity, the need for rich experience in detection, for the large buried deep pipeline ground inspection has a certain degree of technical difficulty.

(3) Perforator. In our leak detection, it is not quite clear where the specific location of the pipeline leak, to determine whether the area is commonly used to the tool perforator, above the suspected leak location, use the perforator to vertically punch a small 1.5-meter hole. See if there is open water gushing out.