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What are the ways to detect water leakage in pressure pipes?

Views: 43     Author: pqwt     Publish Time: 2022-06-07      Origin: PQWT

pipe leakage detector

1, the first thing to do is to close the main water gate. Then use the hose to fix on both ends of the hot and cold water pipes.

2, while one end of the instrument is fixed in the same space on another water pipe.


3, when the master in the use of instruments, need to be screwed every interface, can not cause leakage, so that the measured water pressure will be accurate.


4After everything is ready, you can prepare for the pressure to test.


5, the water pressure will gradually increase, test the amount of water pipe pressure, to see if the phenomenon of water leakage.


6, the inspector to play high water pressure, according to common parlance, this time the water pressure is 8 pounds.


7, check the water pipes in various places to see if there is water seepage, leakage phenomenon.


8, the inspector touches the water pipe with his hand to see if there is no drip. The whole process of measuring water pressure takes 30 minutes, if there is no water seepage and leakage, it means that there is no problem with the pipes.


Water pipe leaks how to do.


A, ordinary water pipe leaks how to do, 4 ways to row all the difficulties


1) cut off the leaking pipe: this is a simple way to deal with water pipe leaks, cut off the reinstallation, this method is actually not difficult, as long as you do not have the pipe concealed into the wall should be able to implement, and for thorough, because the advantages of PP-R pipe is originally welded strength than local, to ensure that the overall tightness of the pipeline.


2) Glue: Generally speaking, glue is more suitable for low pressure pipelines, the operating pressure can not exceed 4 kg, this method is not very suitable for PP-R products, because the PP-R material determines the glue is generally difficult to dissolve


3) Fusing: If the water pipe is thicker, you can use a hot fuse to weld directly on the outside to plug the gap, this method also can not have too high pressure.


4) welding gun: the use of welding guns, the solder directly into the welding mouth, this method can be used PP-R repair rod to use.


BWhat to do about leaking water pipe joints


1) water pipe joints leak at home, first of all, disconnect the water source and unscrew the interface.


What are the methods of detecting leaks in pressure pipes?


2) the fillet leaks at the water can be removed, if the leak is not large enough to buy a group of agricultural glue mix can be made up. If it is a metal joint, either tighten, or directly remove and add some raw material tape and then re-tighten. If it is aging or glued or fused at the leak will be more difficult, a good solution is to replace a new one.

 pipe leakage detector

There are a variety of water leak detection methods, such as regional installed table method, listening method, acoustic shock method, infrared method, tracer element method, related signal detection and buried layer media change detection method. Any kind of detection method is essentially detecting some kind of effect caused by water leakage, the more obvious the corresponding effect the simpler the detection. Currently widely used application method for listening to the sound method, acoustic shock method. This method refers to some kind of sound transmission tool to listen to the sound of water leakage, according to the size of the leakage sound and the characteristics of the medium to determine the location of the leakage, tools from simple mechanical listening to various types of pipe leakage detector is currently developing quite rapidly


Hunan Puqi Geological Exploration Equipment Research Institute is a professional institution engaged in the research of pipeline leak detection equipment and urban pipeline loss reduction. At present, it has established the 13th Five-Year National Water Special R & D Base with Harbin Institute of Technology, the University of Science and Technology of Hunan Province, and the Strategic Innovation Cooperation Base of University of Algeria. We have applied for a number of invention, utility model and appearance patents for our pipeline leak detection instruments, forming our own unique technical features and advantages.