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What is the classification of deep water well project

Views: 8     Author: PQWT     Publish Time: 2022-08-11      Origin: pqwt

There is an old saying in the countryside, the deeper the well, the more prosperous the fortune, water is the main source of human beings, deep water well rural called never dry well, so farmers must make the well as deep as possible, may spend some money more, but to leave something beautiful to future generations, there is an old saying in the countryside, a generation of people deep well to eat a hundred years. Deep wells have many minerals, and now scientists are slowly exploring, people can never live without water. Deep wells lead to the groundwater layer, warm in winter and cool in summer, inexhaustible, and continuous pumping without drying up. Deep well specifications are generally divided into the following categories.


groundwater detectors

1: flow rate is generally required within 30 tons per hour, depth of about 40-80 meters, rig opening diameter of about 30 cm, put down well wall pipe diameter 160mm, 200mm, pumping power of 1.1-7.5KW submersible deep water pump, well wall pipe specifications for 160mmx4mmx4000mm PVC custom pipe with inspection reports, etc. The tube is harder tube can still withstand strong lateral pressure, fetching water pipe with packing permeability filter, to ensure that the deep water well refreshing no sediment, impurities, etc., the outlet pipe is nylon pipe, caliber 1-2.5 inch, deep water pump hanging in the deep well pipe, about 20 meters from the outlet Well, it depends on the dynamic water level rise of groundwater. The tube wall is surrounded by a thicker yellow sand seal, and the top of the wellhead can be sealed flat so that the ground is restored to its original form. This specification of deep well drilling requires the construction unit to provide power (three-phase), water, sand and mud water discharge channel, drilling time is generally about 1-2 days basic completion of the well.


2: Flow rate of about 30-120 tons, depth generally open to about 80-150 meters, drilling diameter of about 600mm, wall pipe diameter of 360mm, pumping power 7.5-36KW submersible multi-stage deep well pump, wall pipe specifications for 360mm × 6mm × 4000mm steel mixed prefabricated pipe, water permeability filter outside the inlet pipe, outlet pipe outlet pipe diameter of 2-4 inches anti-corrosion iron pipe . Deep well pump placed in the deep well about 40-70 meters, according to the degree of dynamic water level rise below ground, take the water around the pipe filled with V3.2mm specifications of quartz sand, quartz sand above all for sealed with mud, wellhead above all sealed flat, so that the ground back to its original state. This specification deep well drilling construction unit must provide power (three-phase 30KW can be used continuously), drainage and mud and water drainage channels, drilling time is generally about 2-7 days.


3: Freshwater well drilling package water quality is generally more stringent requirements, the composition of water quality indicators basically exceed the drinking water standards, the flow rate of about 10-100 tons per hour, drilling depth of Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai generally need to be in 130 meters (Shanghai needs to be in 150 meters) underwater, put well wall pipe specifications for 360mm × 6mm × 4000mm steel mixed prefabricated pipe, export pipe diameter 1.5-4 inches anti-corrosion iron pipe, deep well pump Placed in the deep well about 40-80 meters, depending on the degree of dynamic water level rise underground. Peripheral pipes are filled around with quartz sand of V3.2mm specification, the upper layer of quartz sand must be sealed with yellow clay of strong adhesion and no impurities, the top of the wellhead can be sealed and leveled to restore the ground back to its original shape. This specification deep well drilling process, the construction unit must provide electricity (three-phase 30KW can be used continuously), water and yellow mud (delivered to the side of the open well). The drilling time is usually about 5-15 days.

 groundwater detectors

4: Drilling deep wells in the rocky underground, whether this deep well is higher and lasts longer, depending on the different geological rock structures to negotiate the drilling.


Now there are two kinds of groundwater detectors in China, one is the nuclear magnetic resonance water finder, the price is more expensive, one is commonly used natural electric field water finder, the price is pro-people, is the helper of well drilling users, for everyone to solve the problem of dry eye a common equipment. We usually say that the well drilling water finder is this kind of instrument, the instrument itself analyzes the subsurface structure, variable layer broken belt, is not to see the amount of water, through the subsurface structure to analyze the water conditions, well drilling users know that the place of variable layer is the best water conditions, and then combined with personal geological experience and local geological conditions lithology agreed to analyze, to determine the amount of water out.


There are not many brands of groundwater detectors, but pqwt's groundwater detector is a one-key instrument, which is suitable for the majority of well drilling users.