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What is the traditional method of drilling a well?

Views: 4     Author: pqwt     Publish Time: 2023-02-09      Origin: PQWT

Chinese wells have a long history of more than 6,000 years, and Western drilling techniques also originated in China, dating back to the Han Dynasty when drilling techniques were introduced to the West through the armies of the Western region and have been used ever since. In the past, drilling techniques were limited by basic experience and "native methods," but with the advent of science and technology and the advent of various drilling and measuring instruments, traditional drilling has been replaced one by one.

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There is an old movie called "The Old Well" that tells the story of the difficulties and real experiences of drilling wells in the past, before running water became completely popular. Wells are vital to our daily lives, and only places with water sources are inhabited. With the rapid development of drilling technology, from the old shallow wells to the current deep water wells and geothermal wells, the depth and accuracy have improved qualitatively. The previous drilling was done according to the recipe of water and according to the recipe to find the right water environment, which is also all based on experience to operate. People who have the proper drilling experience to see the distribution of springs will be able to see the range almost many times in the location chosen by the professionals. In many cases, when a well is drilled at the location selected by the professional, it is essentially a perfect match.

In addition to the basics of the profession, the past also made full use of the characteristics of the geographical environment, as well as the growth characteristics of some plants to find water sources, such as some wild plants with thick roots and deep roots, other places are basically sparse growth, but there is a piece of growth and development is quite vigorous, the plant roots in the soil layer wet and moist, this place is a good place to produce water, the surface of the ground water source is sufficient. These are basically the result of the wisdom of previous generations, and water is easily available through the plant's environment.

There is also a small method of finding water wells widely circulated by folklore, in the field analysis, put some soybeans in a suitable location, and then use a large bowl to break the soybeans, always maintain an airtight environment, after one night, lift the bowl to see what changes in the soybeans, if the soybeans do not change, it indicates that the ground steam is less, the water table and water sources are not ideal for drilling wells here, the soybeans have significant expansion change, is the ground water vapor is very strong, the water source is also ideal, completely can dig.

ground water detector

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