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What is the underground pipe leak detection method

Views: 13     Author: pqwt     Publish Time: 2022-06-14      Origin: PQWT

All pipes connected to the municipal water pipeline network belong to the inlet pipe, and common ones at home, such as hot water pipes, cold water pipes and floor heating pipes, belong to the inlet pipe. So how to determine whether the water inlet pipe leaks? First look at the phenomenon, and then do the investigation!


Intake pipe leakage phenomenon.


1, walls or ceilings: the watermark at the moisture of the leak is a day a kind, three days big change, today is the size of a coin, tomorrow is a washbasin big, the day after and expand double or bigger. If it is leaking downstairs, the drip will become faster and faster, the area will become larger and larger, because there is 16 kg of water pressure continues to leak outward, this leakage phenomenon will become more and more obvious, generally a few days time will become very serious, so it is also particularly good judgment, is not a pipe leak.


2, the sink, shower or toilet, basin triangle valve below the ground there is a water, wipe dry, and soon there will be, that may also be.


Leak detection method - after the pipe valve is closed, connect the relevant instruments to ensure that the entire circuit is well sealed, through pressure testing, the use of pipe leak detector to determine the location of the leak.


Pipeline leak detector- detect leaks in buried water pipes, pinpointing the location of the leak point audible instrument, leak detection is currently used mainly leak detector, leak detector, or called pressure pipeline leak detector.


The principle is that "the pipeline flowing water under pressure from the leak point when the impact of the noise generated by the inner wall spread along the pipeline, or along the buried medium to the ground, through the sensor to amplify the leak noise to determine the leak point". Use the sensor of the detection instrument above the pipeline road surface to achieve the purpose of finding the leak point.


Can also be used for other liquids and gases leak point precise location.