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What matters should be paid attention to when drilling deep water wells by machine

Views: 5     Author: pqwt     Publish Time: 2022-11-07      Origin: PQWT

In the process of drilling wells, we can not avoid some small problems, so I would like to ask friends know in the process of drilling wells, machine drilling deep water wells should pay attention to what matters? The following is brought to you by the editor to understand, the content is as follows.

ground water detector

The distribution of water boreholes should be reasonably arranged in accordance with the actual hydrological conditions of the local area, which should first be studied for the local hydrological address information, and then the surrounding water well sites should be examined to determine the overall arrangement. Particular attention should be paid to the rational drilling of deep water wells, not just deep water wells or shallow water wells, but also to the arrangement of water well boreholes in accordance with the actual hydrological conditions of the area.

This is done by first checking the local hydrological address data and then examining the location of nearby water wells to determine the layout. A special point of attention for machine drilled deep water wells is that a reasonable well should not be drilled randomly for deep and shallow water wells, but must first go through a deliberate inspection step.

After the selection of appropriate pumps (mainly centrifugal pumps, etc.), should be selected according to the actual situation, as the pump to be selected should be in accordance with the local environment and the parameters of the indicators, such as the water level, the situation of the pump site work, but also the dynamic and static water level of the well, the water output should be tested, in the construction process of drilling wells should also pay attention to the flow rate of the pump and the water well The relationship between the flow rate of the pump and the water output of the well should also be noted during the construction of the well.

The ultimate is the choice of the construction method of well drilling, should choose the appropriate machine drilling deep water well to complete, due to perhaps the different environment will have different requirements for technology.

Before drilling a well to find water, ground water detector can be used to find the source of ground water.

Now there are two kinds of domestic physical ground water detector in China, one is the nuclear magnetic resonance ground water detector, the price is more expensive, one is commonly used natural electric field ground water detector, the price is pro-people, is a helper for well drilling users, for everyone to solve the problem of dry eye a commonly used equipment. The ground water detector is what we usually call a ground water detector, the instrument itself analyzes the subsurface structure, the variable layer fragmentation zone, it is not possible to see the amount of water, through the subsurface structure to analyze the water conditions, well drilling users know that the variable layer is the best water conditions, and then combined with personal geological experience and local geological conditions of the lithology agreed to analyze, to determine the amount of water How much water.

ground water detector

Hunan pqwt Research Institute PQWT-GT series automatic map ground water detector is based on the earth's electromagnetic field as the field source, the conductivity differences of different geological structures in the underground, by measuring the changes in the electric field components of different frequencies, to study the geological structure and changes, scientific search for groundwater resources geological structure changes in real time through the graph. A simple one-click operation automatically generates geological profiles, getting rid of the tedious computer mapping. The instrument is widely used in different terrains such as plains, hills, mountains, plateaus and basins to quickly analyze the changes of geological structure and determine the well location, water-bearing layer and depth of water-bearing layer.

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