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What should I do if a water pipe leaks?

Views: 3     Author: pqwt     Publish Time: 2023-02-09      Origin: PQWT

The amount of water that leaks when a water pipe bursts is usually directly related to the level of water pressure in the pipe. Whether the water is dripping or gushing out, the valve to the water line should be closed immediately at this point and reported to the local property department.


Leaky water pipes are a very common thing in everyday life, so what should we do about leaking water pipes? To solve this problem, we must first understand the type of leakage in general: sewer floor leaks, iron water pipe leaks, PPR plastic water pipe leaks, water pipe joint leaks, the following are the specific instructions for various water pipe leaks.

How to find the leak point of water pipe leaks

The principle is "when there is a leak, the pressure water from the crack of the pipe is sprayed outward, due to the pressure water and the friction between the rupture gap of the pipe mouth and the vibration will cause the injection noise. It will spread along the pipe to both sides and diffusive way to the ground" with the detection instrument sensor in the pipe above the road to detect the purpose of finding the leak.

Balcony water pipe leakage is also a frequent trouble we encounter, balcony water pipe leakage is a very headache. What should we do if the balcony water pipe is leaking? A better repair treatment is to use glass glue coating around the broken water pipe or the location of the water pipe leak. After that, don't rush to use water and wait until the next day to try to see if the balcony downspout leak is repaired. If there is no more water leaking, it means that the glass glue has bonded the leaking area together. If you encounter such a problem in the future, you can buy some adhesives, glass glue and other such products to fix it.


PVC plumbing: In the case of PVC plumbing, you can purchase a PVC plumbing pipe to your own connection by first cutting the bad one, with the connection first set at one end of the pipe so that the other end in the cut position is exactly flush with the other end of the connection so that it is straight, then send it straight to this end so that the two ends have a certain crossover distance (length), then remove it and use PVC glue Apply it to the inside of both ends of the straight pipe and the outside of both downspouts. You can also buy waterproof tape to repair the downpipe by simply wrapping the pipe and then applying mortar water repellent and cement to the pipe.

Iron water pipe leak: use different methods according to different situations: 1. 2 cm diameter iron water pipe leak but the iron water pipe is not embroidered, only part of the location is damaged, the main valve of the water pipe is closed, just replace the location of the iron water pipe! Cut the location of the water pipe, in the use of appliances with wire bite wire buckle, in the street connection head can be! 2, 2cm diameter iron pipe leakage, due to the overall corrosion of the water pipe caused by the main valve to close the water pipe, the water pipe section as a whole replacement, the two fixed in 3, 20cm diameter iron pipe on the pin buckle screwed on, if the problem is the connection head replacement joint part. If the pipe body leaks, polish the original embroidery system body, when using the welding method for repair, you need to pay attention to the location of the repair with a close fit iron plate inlay for reinforcement treatment.

Kitchen leak: First, we need to check the kitchen downspout once to see where the leak occurred. If it is because the interface with the sink is loose, tighten it, or you can use a cloth tape coated with adhesive and wrap it around the connection with the sink, then do not use this water pipe for drainage. Wait until the next day, if there is still a leak and the water pipe is not broken, then you may need to try replacing it with a new one, as the water pipe has deteriorated many times.

What is the best way to replace a leaking water pipe joint in my home other than a new one? The pipe joint itself is not good, only a new one; you can remove the rounded corners of the leak, such as no rubber gasket to install the rubber gasket, rubber gasket aging on the new one, rounded corners coated with thick white paint, and then wrapped with hemp wire after installation, the same as the raw material tape wrap. If it is glued or fused to the leak, it is more difficult and more difficult to solve on their own.

In daily life, when people are suddenly faced with the unexpected situation of burst water pipes, in order to avoid aggravating the damage, the following steps should be followed before the arrival of repair personnel: 1. How much water leaks after a burst water pipe, generally directly related to the level of water pressure in the pipe. Whether it is dripping or gushing, what you should do at this point is to immediately close the valve to the water line and report it to the local property department. Tape up the damaged part of the pipe with the same tape used to repair the pipe. Alternatively, you can use fiberglass tape or recycled resin adhesive to repair cracks in the pipe.