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What tools are needed for pipe leak detection and pressurization?

Views: 10     Author: pqwt     Publish Time: 2022-08-20      Origin: PQWT

When do I need to use a pressure tool in the process of pipe leak detection? When testing pipeline leaks, and the leak is relatively small, and the leak is not obvious when detected with leak detection instruments, you need to use pipeline pressure tools to increase the sound source signal of the pipeline leak, so as to improve the detection efficiency and accuracy.

What tools are needed to pressurize pipeline leaks?

1、Manual test pressure pump (playing water pressure)


Manual test pressure pump is a commonly used relatively simple test pressure tool, its size 30cm square, but still very effective. The tool includes a jack, pressure gauge, water tank and connecting hose, which is used by the pressure regulator is specifically designed to test the pressure strength within the water pipe. Features: cheap and easy to carry, easy to operate.

2, automatic electric pressure replenishment air pump (playing air pressure)


After playing water pressure, it is found that when the pressure drop is relatively slow, but there is still a drop in pressure, there may be a water-packed pipe; then there is no practical effect of playing water pressure, only by playing air pressure to determine the leak point. Because at this time to play air pressure than to play water pressure effect is better, the resulting water leakage noise as the sound of the old bubble. Try to choose a good noise reduction effect when selecting the air pump, will not cause interference and produce a nuisance when testing; choose a small volume. This is easy to carry.

Pipeline pressure test

Pipe pressure test is one of the common methods to determine whether there is a leak in the plumbing pipe connection. During the pressure test, we should check the joints, inner wire joints, plugs one by one, and there should be no water seepage, otherwise it will directly affect the gauge needle reaction of the pressure test.

What is the pressure test it?

Pressure testers in the specified time the needle does not have the slightest drop or drop less than 0.1 on the water pipeline is good, but also that the pressure test is also normal working condition.

There are many people is the test pressure to get a place to try not 5 minutes to unload and say good, that is really a lie. In addition, remember: each plug and faucet and other interfaces can not have leaks.

How to detect whether the pipe leaks.

1, in the pressure test, must use the measurement accuracy of 0.1 bard pressure gauge, as far as possible, the pressure gauge installed in the lowest point of the entire piping system.

2, the pipe is filled with water and then remove the air in the pipe, and then close the main valve of the water meter, the test can begin.

3, the test pressure for the maximum possible working pressure of 1.5 times (the usual 8-10 kg of water pressure), such as pipes and PVC joints must be connected to PVC joints for about 5 hours before the test pressure and the maximum pressure shall not exceed 6 kg. General PP-R water pipe pressure measurement holding time of 30 minutes, such as the entire system in the plug without leakage, etc., the pressure pointer down to 0.5 kg is the normal range. The reason is: the pipeline is caused by the internal pressure expansion, but for safety reasons, the whole pipeline system must be checked once.

Where to do the plumbing leak detection pressure test tools for sale?

You go to the plumbing material suppliers to see, medium stores have, hardware and electrical city also have. It is recommended to buy in the local hardware store, after-sales maintenance is more convenient!