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What you need to do to prepare for the drilling of hot spring wells

Views: 7     Author: pqwt     Publish Time: 2023-01-16      Origin: PQWT

The drilling of hot spring wells helps the development of hot spring and leisure industry. In the development of hot spring tourism, there are more and more hot spring baths and leisure places, so we need to make sufficient preparation before drilling hot spring wells, and the hot spring well development company will share with you: what preparations do you need to make for drilling hot spring wells? Hot spring well drilling company will share with you the following contents.


I. Preparation work before drilling a spa well

How to choose a spa design and construction unit, this is a problem that investors need to consider. Ltd. is a drilling company with strong technical force, experienced in well formation, survey, geothermal resources development and comprehensive utilization and other drilling projects, and has summarized some laws in many spa projects for your reference. Spa scenic development is roughly divided into three stages.

Photos of spa well drilling

1. Project - Demonstration - Land Acquisition - Approval Office - Certificate - Exploration and Drilling. Pre-engineering is relatively difficult and if done poorly will affect the effectiveness of the spa construction and usually requires the involvement of an established consultant, which will require many detours;.

2. Planning - Design - Construction - Renovation. Is a more important phase, longer and more action.

3. It is the management of the business. How do the various stages unfold? Usually there are the following links: visit-visit-experience-industry survey-market analysis-expert validation, all the previous activities are to provide a lot of raw information and data for expert validation and planning and design, in the whole process, the key links should be joined by experts to take the pulse. I suggest choosing the right company: an experienced consulting firm, an integrated planning and design agency, a tourism research institute, and other related companies. The land acquisition approval and licensing process is more troublesome, and the project should be developed jointly by the local village, town and municipality in order to open up channels for a smoother process and to seek the support of the tourism sector. Exploration drilling is also an important step, most of the current choice of local geological team for exploration, will draw a complete topographic map, listing the depth of each stratum, water temperature, water volume; while the north also has the choice of oil drilling brigade, the general choice of geothermal exploration, one of the hot spring drilling companies.

Second, the planning, design, construction and decoration of spa well drilling is an important stage, in the up and down related links, back and forth.

First is the planning and design, how to grasp the overall planning and design of the spa resort, how to seek a breakthrough in planning, how to let go of the idea, beyond the existing spa. For spa development, many investment owners are asking: my spa requirements are more unique, I think the spa requirements are very high, and the scale is very large. How should the government sector position itself? How to avoid homogenization and low level competition of spas in the region, avoid similarity of spa development models, how to protect the development of spa resources and how to protect the local ecological environment. The tourism industry is asking the same question: don't treat spas as spas. It is necessary to take all aspects into account and follow the requirements of the tourism market development. On the other hand, the spa industry believes that: the current stage of spa development direction to explore in depth, systematic summary, strengthen research, to do spa with innovative development ideas. Therefore, the question arises: what is the appropriate size for building a spa area? What type of spa can attract visitors and make money for the owner? How to control the scale of investment and what is the appropriate investment? How to choose the positioning of the project? How to determine the theme and style of the spa area? What hardware, software, equipment and facilities are available for spa attractions? The development trend of domestic spa tourism, the expected life span of spa tourism? The development trend of international spas; what is the international spa model? What are the domestic spa models? How to explore the local history, culture, celebrities and the relationship with spa spa attractions? How to choose a spa and spa attraction planning and design organization and how to cooperate with the design process? How to choose a spa attraction engineering contractor and how to cooperate with the construction process? How to choose a spa attraction management unit? These are all very practical issues.


Hunan Puqi Geological Exploration Equipment Research Institute is a professional institution engaged in the research of geological exploration water instrument equipment, and has formed a partnership with Harbin Institute of Technology and jointly set up the 13th Five-Year National Water Special R & D Base, established an industry-university-research strategic innovation cooperation base with Hunan University of Science and Technology, and reached a strategic partnership with Algeria University. It is easy to carry, easy to operate, automatic map formation, high accuracy, and its equipment has obtained many invention patents and software copyrights.