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Why does underfloor heating have the problem of water leakage?

Views: 35     Author: pqwt     Publish Time: 2023-01-05      Origin: PQWT

Now many homeowners choose to install floor heating, and are choosing water floor heating, heating effect is good, does not occupy the area does not affect the indoor aesthetics, but cleaning trouble, and because of the concealment, the occurrence of water leakage is also very difficult to deal with

pipeline leak detector

Although the propaganda life of businessmen is decades long, but there are still leaks, so what are the reasons for leaks?

There are usually four reasons for floor heating.

1、Pipe quality problems

There are now countless manufacturers of underfloor heating products with varying quality

Some manufacturers will use raw materials of poor quality to make underfloor heating pipes, which are of poor quality for a short period of time and easily damaged due to the high temperature of underfloor heating pipes; poor processing accuracy and service life are not guaranteed

Therefore, when choosing floor heating products again, be sure to pay attention to choose a good brand

2、Decorative damage

Floor heating installation is completed after the floor heating damage renovation

Although the installation of floor heating is completed after the pressure test, but in the subsequent renovation construction

Some renovation workers on the floor nail drilling and other carelessly punctured the pipe, or cut the floor tile when the pipe was sawed, which may lead to floor heating

Therefore, when installing floor heating, you should clearly communicate with the renovation company

3、Improper construction

Due to the lack of supervision, the industry is booming and too many construction teams are joining it, leading to uneven construction quality of the floor heating company itself, and even "guerrillas" without business licenses are invited to the home by the owners

Construction workers in the floor heating pipeline construction, not in accordance with the provisions of the operation, wearing pointed shoes construction, barbaric construction, careless, causing damage to the floor heating pipeline, construction is completed shall not be pressurized, to the back of the floor heating use of hidden dangers

Therefore, the floor heating construction to choose a professional company, test pressure after installation

4、Use improperly

The use of floor heating needs to be carried out under the specified temperature, the temperature is too high beyond the temperature range of the pipeline, and far more, it may lead to halving the life of the pipeline or even rapid rupture, there are interfaces because of thermal expansion and contraction and increase the gap

There are also wrong cleaning methods that can damage the pipes

Floor heating solutions

pipeline leak detector

1: Analyze the possible causes of leaks by surveying the site.

2: Do a pressure test on the pipeline, do a pressure test must be playing water pressure, and to ensure that each corner valve faucet is in a closed state, close the main valve of the water pipe.

3: After confirming that there is indeed a problem with the pipe. Through drawings, experience or the use of auxiliary tools pipe towards the locator, to find out the specific location of the pipeline, distribution.

4: Put air pressure on the pipeline, the normal situation can be played 8 ~ 10 kg pressure, and then use a professional leak detector, along the location of the pipeline to test one by one to investigate, locate the location of the leak.

5: After determining the location of the leak point to excavate and repair.