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Why to strengthen the pipeline leak detection work

Views: 4     Author: pqwt     Publish Time: 2022-08-06      Origin: PQWT

Water is a valuable natural resource that has become an important constraint on national economic and social development around the world, with a particular impact on cities, where urban life and industrial development are dependent on a constant supply of water. The use of pipe leak detector is also particularly important. Although most of the earth's surface is covered by the ocean and other waters, but the real direct human development and use of rivers, lakes, underground fresh water only accounts for 0.34% of the total global water resources. However, because of environmental pollution and other factors, the actual percentage of available water is even smaller. Strengthening the overall planning of water resources and rational use of water resources is a common problem faced by all mankind. Water is processed and distributed by water supply equipment, and the construction and expansion of water supply equipment requires a large investment, and processing and distribution also requires a certain amount of electricity, chemicals and costs. Therefore, if the underground water supply pipeline leakage, not only make the water supply meaningless increase, but also make people suffer great losses in the economy. As pipeline leakage can also cause secondary disasters such as ground and house sinking and alkalinization of farmland. Therefore, in order to better use of water resources, improve the supply of water services, improve the economic efficiency of water supply enterprises and service benefits, around the world, especially developed countries are very important to the water supply system leakage control, China's Ministry of Construction attaches great importance to this work, has taken a number of measures to control leakage has played a role.

pipeline leak detector

In recent years, due to the further intensification of urbanization. In the face of the increase in water supply population, urban water supply facilities are overwhelmed, while the water supply network is often in danger of leakage because of natural aging, sinking foundations, traffic load, soil salinization, poor construction and other reasons. After the findings of the Ministry of Construction and related departments, there is a high loss rate of water supply companies in China. China's water resources are not abundant, in the global possession of freshwater resources, China is the sixth, in the per capita freshwater resources are low in the list, coupled with regional distribution, time distribution, water pollution and water waste, many areas in China has been the phenomenon of water shortage, some cities even limit the use of water, thus bringing a certain impact on industrial production, people's lives. Therefore, the use of pipeline leakage detector to reduce leakage consumption to better use of water resources, save or reduce national construction investment, improve service supply, improve the economic and social benefits of enterprises, has a very important role.

pipeline leak detector

The benefits of reducing water leakage, we can not only calculate the price of water leakage, its greater benefit is to save the huge amount of money to increase the construction of water supply and effectively make up for the shortage of water resources, especially for the economically underdeveloped and lack of water resources in China will have greater practical significance. At the same time, the Ministry of Construction issued the "urban water supply industry 2000 technical progress development plan" put forward the "two improve, three reduce" the general policy, will also reduce leakage consumption as an important goal.

pipeline leak detector

The use of pqwt pipeline leak detector to strengthen the leak detection work is to improve the water supply system leakage control of the key link, the status quo in China is the number of instruments used is small, to passive leak detection is the main, the overall level is not high. Therefore, we should not only save water, but also pay attention to the leakage control work of water supply system. Only by finding out the leaks can we control the leakage. With more advanced leak detection methods suitable for the region, we can spend less on leak detection and maintenance to reduce the amount of water leakage, and at the same time achieve good social benefits. It is of great significance to strengthen the leak detection work.